Protecting Your Network With Professional Internet Security ServicesProtecting Your Network With Professional Internet Security Services

Why should you consider protecting your network with professional Internet security services? There are several reasons. But they all come from the same root: these days, Internet-based crime appears to be everywhere and whether you like it or not, your system could be next. You can't afford to have your business ruined by a virus, a cyber thief, or even a computer failure or human error, or anything else of electronic nature.

What will a good quality professional Internet security service give to you? A whole lot.
• Bots, worms, viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, and root kits are all blocked. The value of such a service in today's world simply cannot be overestimated.

• A silent two-way firewall defends you from hackers. This will work against them even before they realise it.

• 5 to 15 minute pulse updates give you constant protection. Your computer protection will never be lacking or lagging behind with this aspect of the service.
• AI-driven scans keep the scanning brief and to the point. No long delays while your computer runs its scanning system. These days, it can be done in a few minutes, and unobtrusively.

• You are protected against Internet attacks which exploit your software's vulnerabilities. Cyber criminals today are highly sophisticated, and they have created numerous "dark side" programmes to attack specific software that they know businesses routinely use.

• Threats that go unrecognised by the garden variety antivirus techniques are uncovered and recognised. Programs that attack your computer's registry are especially malicious, but now they will be blocked.

• Powerful e-mail anti-spam programs. What business doesn't need that these days?

• Your computer is protected if you ever use public wireless networks such as while traveling. This is obviously an extremely important service to have for anyone who needs to travel on business.

• Phishing and otherwise unsafe websites get identified and blocked if of course you don't override this and verify it as safe, while trustworthy sites get authenticated. If your business does a lot of research, this service is invaluable.
• Login and personal data are secured, managed, and safely stored. Never again let forgetfulness wreck your business day.

• Spyware and key logger programs are blocked. You may not even know that you have these on one of your computers, but they are still blocked from doing their dirty deeds.

• Your important files are automatically saved either locally or in secure online storage. This is a tremendous time saver.

• Lost folders or files are automatically restored. A modern day miracle!

• Your computer's performance and speed are optimised. How much money have you lost over time thanks to a slow or inefficient computer? Now, you will start saving money.

• Common computer performance problems are automatically uncovered and repaired. How much money do you think that will save your business?

Today's business world is dominated and driven by computer technology. If you own a museum, you don't think twice about using professional security guards and systems to protect the precious valuables contained inside. Why should it be any different with your business' driving force?
by Derek Rogers
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information about Networks, he recommends Network Needs, a leading provider of Internet Security Services.
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