Necessary Industrial Microscopy Accessories On Your Shopping ListNecessary Industrial Microscopy Accessories On Your Shopping List

In any industry, the research and development phase necessitates the use of proper tools and equipment to perform the idea brainstorming, building, development and testing steps. Amongst the numerous equipments, one common tool stands out in virtually all industries - the industrial microscope and its microscopy accessories.

Industrial Microscope Definition

Basically, an industrial microscope is a stereoscopic microscope outfitted with the proper microscopy accessories, which will allow it to be used for industrial purposes. In general, it has low-power magnifying lenses and an external light source with the added advantage of the specimens not needing to be sectioned for viewing. As such, industrial engineers use it to look at large objects such as integrated circuits and computer chips, among other things.

Microscope Accessories

To make your industrial microscope work to its fullest potential, you will need certain accessories. First, you have to purchase an external light source with which to illuminate the specimen under study. You can play, in a way, with said light source in order to accentuate details, make a closer inspection and expose telling traits of the specimens.

Second, you should buy new lenses that will fit into the objective. This is because the lenses of industrial microscopes tend to wear out easily due to heavy use, thus, the need for replacement.

Third, you may need to keep a new prism handy. Keep in mind that internal microscopy accessories, one of which is the prism, may be dislodged from frequent moving of the industrial microscope from one place to another.

Fourth, you also need to look into slits and gratings. These parts allow for the light source to be dimmed or fall at certain angles, thus, providing users with the means to manipulate the light better.

Fifth, you ought to change filters regularly. Filters serve two purposes - dim the lights and change its hues and shades. As such, these allow for the characteristics of the specimens to appear under different lights, often yielding more definitive results.

Sixth, and most important of all microscopy accessories, is the digital camera. Multiple users can now view images and videos without looking into the eyepiece and, with the help of Internet technology, even view them from across great geographical distances. A digital camera also allows for recording of said images and videos for archival purposes as well as for future analysis.

There are many other microscope accessories, of course, but you will do well to always have the abovementioned parts ready for replacement of outdated and out-of-service components.

When you are contemplating the purchase of these microscopy accessories, it is important to talk to the manufacturer of the industrial microscope. This way, you are assured of new parts that truly fit your unit, not to mention be able to ask for discounts on repairs and maintenance as well as on bulk orders.

You should also do your research about your existing industrial microscope. You want to be updated about the latest accessories available for it before you step into the store or enter the site. With such an in-depth knowledge, you will get optimum mileage out of your industrial microscope.

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by Edison Ramsey
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