How To Choose A Low-Fat Low Calorie PizzaHow To Choose A Low-Fat Low Calorie Pizza

Pizza is a main staple in the United States. People eat pizza for lunch, dinner, and sometimes, for breakfast too. It is a common sight in households across the nation. But how do you still eat your favorite dish while watching your waistline? What about all the diets myths forcing consumers to cross out pizza from their new meal plan list? Well, there is a way to eat pizza while on a diet and the answer is in the choices and topping options.

Pizza has a bad reputation of being high in fat and calories. However, if you make smarter decisions when ordering pizza, then you will be able to have your cake pizza and eat it too. One place to start is with the crust.

There is a universal theory regarding eating pizza while remaining on the right track to losing weight. The theory states the thinner the crust, the healthier the pizza. Well, this is not always true. A better choice would be to order a pizza crust made from whole-wheat flour instead of white. Furthermore, find out if butter or olive oil was used in the dough. For olive oil would be the smarter option. These may seem like insignificant modifications, but the dough is the foundation of a pizza. And if you don't change the dough choices, your waistline may increase rather than decrease.

The most prominent part of the pizza, after the dough, is the cheese. The quality of cheese makes a drastic difference when it comes to calorie and nutrients count. There are many different cheese options when it comes to selecting a pizza. And if you are not able to choose from a home-made mozzarella on a pizza versus store bought processed cheese, then the nutrients may be lacking. This is something you have to research. Ask the restaurant. Inquire if goat cheese is available instead of the norm. Moreover, the amount of cheese will make a significant difference too.

Another option to be aware of are the toppings. Choosing vegetables instead of meat will contribute to it being a healthier pizza option. Vegetable options range from roasted fennel, tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted pepper and more. You may be as generous as you like with vegetable toppings. Pile it on and you will maintain the right track with your weight loss plan. In addition, the flavors fresh vegetables add to a pizza enhance the taste. Consequently, the richer the taste the more satisfying the meal is allowing you to feel fuller longer. If you must do meat, then opt for grilled chicken as a topping. For the seafood lovers, why not try grilled shrimp? These decisions will help you in the end.

Pizza is a great, tasty, satisfying meal to have anytime of the day. And even if you are no longer a teenager, you are still able to eat it at anytime. Just make better choices and smarter decisions and you will not have to sacrifice pizza in exchange for your diet. Instead, pizza and diet will exist cohesively in your new healthier lifestyle.
by Tony Mandarich
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