A National TV TransformationA National TV Transformation

Many nations primarily among the European countries are experiencing changes in the state's television broadcasting signal at the moment. The tendency is to modernize the old fashioned analog TV signal and this transformation is affecting many TV audiences who will have to adapt to keep on using their Tv. The analog transmission was broadcast in a single frequency while the new digital solution is based on a discrete terrestrial technology allowing excellent quality (HD) audio and images. The new DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) signal is sent in either the MPEG2 or MPEG4 platform with MPEG4 being the newest.

A conversion in broadcasting signal, nevertheless, is not easily executed. It involve a lot of technical and physical alterations behind the screen, but the most comprehensive effect actually concerns the television audience who will have to take action to watch the digital TV.

This paper will assist you figure out if you will have to do something and which choices you have.

First of all, who is affected?

-Those using an old school antenna.

If you are among that group, here is what you can (should) do in order to transform your television signal and prepare yourself for a television revolution:

1.Buy a satellite system! This might be one of the most drastic options you can choose, but might also be the best. After buying a satellite antenna you will no longer be reliant on any transmission transformations, in fact, you will never again have to be bothered with it. A satellite signal is something completely different and independent so if the state's broadcasting corporation decides to update its system in the nearest future you will not be affected. Changing to a satellite, also opens a new world of channels, where you can choose from a larger collection of television channels from around the globe as for an example BBC, CNN, TV2 Sport and Fox.

2.Shifting to a cable dependent TV network. Although this option often times is limited to those who live in larger building blocks with predecided solutions. This option would resolve your problem.

3.Fibernet. This may not be an option for the majority, but indeed a first-class solution.

4.Broadband. make use of your broadband net connection as the television broadcasting source. This network is digital in nature and it is actually possible to make use of it on your TV.

5.Purchase a brand new plasma TV. The majority of the new TVs have inbuilt digital receivers; the single concern you should be aware of is if they are MPEG4 compatible. If they simply support MPEG2 you might have to upgrade again later on with an external adaptor.

6.Internet TV. It is something many are unaware of, but you are able to watch hundreds of television channels on the web? A lot of national TV companies also broadcast live on the web.

7.Quit the TV! This is probably not the preferred choice for the majority of users, but is added here to express the importance of the matter. If you don't take action you WILL lose your television signal. It is not similar to the past when a limited signal ended with fyzzy images, the modern days are ruthless, it is everything or nothing.

8.Get a DVB T Tuner. This option is the easiest solution for many in many states. A DVB T Tuner abbreviated from Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial is an external TV signal transformer, allowing old TVs to display HD images. This solution does not require any fancy antenna or expensive device, the DVB T tuner is a little box you plug in to and place next to your TV and then you are done. This is because of that the cheapest alternative for many. The main disadvantage is that you need one DVB T tuner for every TV in your family.

We hope you could use the content given and that you are now able to take a well informed decision. The only thing left for you to do is to act and do something about this minor problem before you are met with a black screen.
by Ole Jensen
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Ole Jensen is a media endorser read more about internet Tv here: Internet TV and TV2 Sport
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