Conservatories - A Welcoming Extension Of Your HouseConservatories - A Welcoming Extension Of Your House

The main problem when we are faced with the need of extending our homes is choosing what types of extension we need to capitalize on the space of our lot area. Although the most probable idea would be building extensions for the house there are also people who are contemplating on extending the height of their homes by having second floors and building additional rooms. Although most houses we see have second floors many still prefer the bungalow type house so when they ask opinions on how to extend their house the usual advice from some homeowners is building conservatories instead.

Why conservatories?

For few decades now conservatories are becoming essential additives for homes. They are not exclusive to the rich anymore and commonly found on suburbs and counties. Because they are easy to build and can really provide comfort and respite they are now being built by many homeowners regardless of their status. This is because having them adds an asset into the house not because of the value but for its functionality. Conservatories are the envy of some people because they are very significant and elegant as well. Not only they can serve simply as house extensions but they can serve as special rooms for reading, room for bonding with your loved ones or even entertainment rooms such as music rooms, play rooms for small children or garden rooms for the parents and grandparents. The house looks elegant when there is a conservatory nearby and they can turn your gloomy winter into an exciting place to stay because you can keep plants in them too.

The general type of conservatories are made from wood, glass, steel, tempered glass, adobe or fiber glass. Every part of them are made from specific material such as wood for the benches and frames, glazing glass or tempered glass for its walls, doors and windows, steel for its foundations and adobe or fiberglass for its roof. It all depends on the owner what will be the style and make-up of the conservatory. But one thing for sure that they are most loved by people and that is because of their durability, long lasting life, functionality, elegance and sophistication.

Types of Conservatories

As have been said there are different types of conservatories and they differ in style, design, materials and features. You can have option which of them could best suit the exterior feature of your home. There is the Victorian style that has pitched roof with about three to five tilted faceted windows, the Edwardian type which has a rectangular base but also present a pitched roof and the Mediterranean type that has a unique slanted roof and a rectangular base. Because their designs still posses the classic elegance of the European designs they still have the sophistication of the past centuries when the rich live in extravagance along with them. However, conservatories today are just common parts of houses wherein ordinary people can build them. Contrary to general belief that only the rich can have them the innovation of their designs and materials in building them has enabled us to enjoy them as well.
by Fred Rarwlinsone
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