Microscopy Accessories: Why You Need ThemMicroscopy Accessories: Why You Need Them

You have your new microscope but you are not done with it yet. On top of purchasing the microscope, you need microscopy accessories to keep your instrument in top shape and to enhance its imaging performance.

Accessories to Accessorize With

A functional wristwatch or a real leather briefcase can do much to improve one's corporate image. In microscopy, accessories are designed to protect the microscope and to give microscopy convenience. Say if you are in the middle of doing microscopic research, you do not drop what you are doing because you ran out of slides or immersion oil, which are the basic accessories of a microscope. Can you imagine the magnitude of the disaster?

You will also require a carry case for your microscope, dust covers, clamps, black and white stage plates, stage clips, and much more to satisfy your microscopy needs. On the other hand, auxiliary accessories will depend on the type of microscope you are using.

The auxiliary accessories encompass a diverse range of items. There are micromanipulators, stands, temperature control stages, and stage incubators. There are also mechanical systems to customize science research.

Before buying that microscope, check out the microscopy accessories take note or make a list of the items you might need for the interiors of your microscope. However, do not attempt to replace interior parts unless you know the nuts and bolt of your microscope's insides. Suppliers of microscopes will be willing to do the job for you.

The Difference Counts

Microscopes have different functions and technology specializations; hence these require different microscopy accessories. Each microscope demands a different, if not unique, sets of accessories. When you take home a microscope, say a digital microscope, you will need imaging software. For a fluorescent microscope, enhanced illumination plays a factor; you'll be shopping for better illumination accessories.

If what you have is an ocular piece, lenses are available should you need a new set. But for a digital microscope you will need a larger monitor or screen to enjoy greater magnification of your specimen or subject. As a rule, pricier accessories reflect quality, especially if you are dealing with a specific brand. Makers of microscopes have accessories for their different types of microscopes and models.

There are cheaper accessories available. These can come in handy if money is tight but if you can, always get the same brand accessories for your microscope. The manual that goes with your microscope is a big help if you want to know specific details of your microscope accessories needs.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Things come and go. Microscopes too. If you have been using your microscope for years and its beginning to show wear and tear, count and compare the cost of costly repairs with the frequent purchase of accessories.

The local dealer should have a wide range of selections for your microscopy accessories. If your microscope brand does not have the accessory you need, you can always find a different make of accessory that can be easily integrated into your microscope.

With proper care and handling, your microscope will go a long way but along the way you'll need microscopy accessories. It's better to know what you will need later and where to get it.

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by Edison Ramsey
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