How To Get The Best Results From Your Workout Regime? 3 Options Explored & Two Steps To A Perfect WoHow To Get The Best Results From Your Workout Regime? 3 Options Explored & Two Steps To A Perfect Wo

So you have been at the gym working out regularly three times a week. But the results are not quite satisfying. Well, this is the case with most people. They are all active and doing their bit but nothing seems to be working out.

Where the Fault Lies

The problem occurs in the training itself. It is important to push your body and reach out for new heights. Once we start training, we end up repeating the same exercises - bench press, shoulder training, push ups, etc. We talk about the height of our bench press and how large our muscles our, but is that the end of effective training? One must keep working and set newer targets.

The main thing while training is to constantly upgrade oneself. Let us look at some options you might have to get better results from your work out regime:

• It is more important that you pay attention to the time you will require to recover rather than simply talk about it. This is an important part of fitness. You need to figure out what you want. If you want big muscles and strength, then you need longer periods of rest. However, if it is weight that you are trying to lose and tone your body, then you need shorter recovery time.

• Next, spend more time at the gym doing circuit training. This burns fat as well as increases your muscle size. This is a total body workout and gives full benefit to the time you spend at the gym.

• With all that exercising, your body is losing a lot of water. You must hydrate yourself regularly. Make sure you carry a bottle of water. Keep taking sips in between your workout sets. This way, you can exercise with more intensity and increase the amount of fat loss.

Absolute Essentials

The most important thing to remember is to stretch yourself before you start training. This will give you better flexibility, recover faster from injuries, and prevent further injuries. The minimum time to stretch is at least five minutes. Lastly, when working out, try and focus on all the muscles in your body. This gives an overall benefit and is a better option for the longer run.

Weight lifting is one of the best ways to train your muscles. It has to be combined with cardio sometimes and this combination is indeed the most effective way of controlling weight and stepping up on the metabolic register. Cardio alone does not help with all of this. There are obvious reasons for this. To replace fat with muscle you have to burn extra calories which are always helpful in terms of burning the food intake. Resistance training is extremely beneficial for several other reasons- higher bone density, lower injury potential, great agility and balance and better coordinated and better working muscles. Athletes have the most to gain from resistance or weight training as it helps them with cross training and improving force potential apart from the above mentioned things.

Weight Training Exercises

Of course you might be a little confounded with the range of weight training exercises which are all over your gym wall or all over the magazines. But be sure about the fact that you have to match your workout to your requirements and not merely borrow someone else's schedule because that might not work as well.

Tips and Techniques for You

Try and stand firm against the wall with your back as fat as possible. Try and stretch your arms in front of you after that and hole them like that. Try and stretch in this position in trying to grab something imaginary at some distance while all the way keeping your back against the wall. You have to do this five times over and once that is done you will see how you feel a little more relaxed around your back.

There is a second part to this stretching exercise. In the course of the second part, you have to raise your arms above your head while you are still holding a flat back against the wall. Try and stretch your arms as high as you can. This is really a full body stretch that you are doing from the tip of your fingers to your feet. Hold on for three to five seconds after which you can release yourself. This again has to be repeated five times.

Try ad do these stretching exercises right before your workout. It will make your fitness regime even fitter.
by Guido Nussbaum
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