What Type Of Leash And Collar Is Right For Your DogWhat Type Of Leash And Collar Is Right For Your Dog

Leashes and collars span the entire spectrum of design and glitz factors. They are made in fabrics, leather, and chain. Size of the leash depends on the size of the dog you are controlling. A leash that is too light will not hold a Great Dane, but may do well with your Yorkie. Attaching the correct leash to the collar is one of the single most important actions you can take when walking your dog.

There are leashes of different sizes and styles. One is sure to suit your needs.

A basic leash is usually 6 feet long and can be made of any material. These leashes are versatile and easy to find. In an emergency your can use it as a muzzle or collar when it is used as a slip lead.

Bungee leashes stretch. They either have an elastic section or may be made entirely of rubber. Although you may feel this is a good help for dogs that pull on a leash, teaching your dog to walk on a leash is a much more valuable lesson.

Retractable leashes. These leashes consist of a thin cord which is wound onto a spring-loaded wheel, enclosed in a handle. As your dog walks away, the cord comes out and returns to the handle when he returns. Although these leashes may be convenient, there are hazards connected to them.

The control you have over your dog is minimal. They can stretch to the limit and run into traffic, pull on the leash and assume a potentially aggressive posture towards other dogs or it allows them to be less than polite when meeting people or other animals by allowing them to jump on them.

Injury can also occur to you or your dog if the line snaps when fully extended. A sudden lunge by your pet can cause this to happen causing the line to snap in either direction and causing injury.

Training leashes. These leashes come in sizes from 10 to 60 feet. It is used for training your dog. You will have control over him even though you are a long distance away. This is beneficial for teaching the "come" command. These are not designed to use as tethers in your yard or to be used on busy roadways. Dogs should not be tethered in your yard and an open field or your yard is safer than passing traffic.

Slip leads are available but potentially dangerous to your dog. They should not be used on a regular basis. Instead of a clip on the end, there is a ring to slip the leash through. You have little control over the tightness of the leash. This has the danger of strangling your dog or damaging their trachea, wind pipe or neck. These should be used only when a regular collar and leash are not available.

Your dog's collar should fit properly. It should be loose enough to fit two fingers. Keeping your dog safe and others happy can be accomplished simply by using a leash.
by Kelly Marshall
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Article by Kelly Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies, your top source for personalized orthopedic dog beds online.
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