Cnc-machiningparts Reporsts Rubber Industry Is Injured Safeguard Affected Tires ChainCnc-machiningparts Reporsts Rubber Industry Is Injured Safeguard Affected Tires Chain

US tires safeguard the introduction of China's tire industry is no doubt generate more far-reaching effect in the tire industry chain will other industries, such as synthetic rubber, carbon black, coal tar, styrene what kind of impact?
Related industries are beginning to worry, tires safeguard secondary effects associated will also be coal tar, anthracene oil, carbon black oil out of a series of raw materials markets. According to industry estimates, the final view, the tire industry chain and related industries will not be a huge impact, its impact is limited.

Carbon Black Industry Less Affected

Analysts believe that special protection is mainly the case for small cars and light truck tires exports, less impact on the carbon black industry.

Car tire production in China in 2008 was 350 million, according to car tire consumption of carbon black 1.64 kg each calculation, the United States imposed punitive tariffs on China tire after the 7.5 tons of carbon black will look for other sales channels. According to CBI data analysis, in 2008 the domestic demand of 230 million tons of carbon black, which is 75 thousand tons of carbon input to the United States, accounting for only 3.26% of domestic demand for carbon black.

Therefore, many black businesses that safeguard action has a certain influence on the carbon black industry. It is understood that carbon black production plants are currently in the normal order of production, while the response of carbon black agents is relatively calm.

August sales of carbon black has been better than early, early in September sales various carbon black business remained in the balance. To weaken the impact of tires safeguard the majority of carbon black business case put back in before the special safeguard, already in advance of the sales channel to be adjusted, at the same time, the average operating rate of domestic carbon black plant is also under control in 70% of the upper and lower .

Indirectly Affected by Coal Tar and Styrene

The coal tar processing enterprises, which mainly concerns the market demand and coal tar anthracene oil price movements.

Domestic coke production has been limited due in full swing, both around the tar yield reduction in different degrees, the current domestic market as a whole has coal tar in the upstream channel being. However, the U.S. safeguard action on the coal tar tire market adversely. Most industry companies in the industry that coal tar market demand and will not place a large variable in the short term the status of coal tar for less than the demand will continue to exist.

Downstream products include styrene SBR, while the major downstream products of SBR tires, of which about 40% of domestic production will be exported in the form of the tire market digested, in the case of special protection, the tire was cut off exports of the road no doubt, SBR of downstream demand corresponding directly affected.

SBR production from some of the companies was informed that the prices of their products face loose trend is also expected to follow the factory started gradually lowered.

The total gross domestic downstream styrene SBR needs 4% 4% may face certain decline in demand, although weak storm, but the market still have an indirect impact styrene.
Rubber market, "worse"

Natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, polybutadiene rubber, plastic kind of the three is an important raw material for tire production. Analysts believe that the tires safeguard the announcement of the results, so the price of rubber on the sway worse. Natural rubber futures affected by the safeguard action, September 1 Hujiao limit-down, on plastic or even a single day since 2009, experienced the largest decline.

Synthetic rubber, the trade companies that had expected with 11 holiday draws near, mid-lower reaches of the tire plant will return to the market began to purchase 10, but released the results of special protection, led to some of the tire factory had to readjust the pace of procurement.

Currently, the domestic market because the supply of well-off styrene butadiene rubber, the price rose higher resistance, since August, Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical exports began (600,002, stock it) styrene-butadiene rubber, in September while exports increased, a corresponding reduction in the domestic supply , price formation on the SBR support.
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