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What is a good pet, depends largely on your lifestyle, whilst some people spend most of their time at home, some people have very busy lives with schedules to keep so keeping a pet can be difficult.

Here are some things you should consider before purchasing your pet.

ExpenseWhilst, generally animals are not seen as expensive, the costs involved can add up over time. If you consider, food, vets bills and the purchase of the pet itself, this can often add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. There are of course some animals that are cheaper than others to buy and to keep. For example, keeping a dog will cost a lot more than keeping a fish. It will not cost much to set up an aquarium and fill it with some beautiful fish. The ongoing costs are minimal as food is relatively cheap to buy. Unlike a more traditional four legged pet which can be very expensive to keep.

Time: If you are someone with plenty of time on your hands then a dog can be the perfect companion, however if you are a busy person with little time to care for your pet then, fish are again another perfect option. Whereas dogs and cats can demand a lot of your attention you will find that fish will most likely not demand any of your attention at all. They are pets that tend to be relatively hands free, which will allow you to get on with your busy life as normal without worrying about giving your pet your undivided attention.

Health: If you are someone that is sensitive to pet fur, which is not uncommon then you will obviously need to take this into account when buying a pet. A pet that has long hair is not going to be very enjoyable for you if you spend your time sneezing whilst petting it. So consider any allergies you may have or those of your family. Obviously if you are sensitive to pet fur then you will need to consider pets without fur, For example, snakes (if you are brave enough!), lizards are also considered to be pets, although they do need a lot of ongoing maintenance so only consider this if you are familiar on how to keep these animals. Also fish is something that you are unlikely to be sensitive to, so they are again another great option. Research has proven that people who own fish have lower blood pressure and are more relaxed than others you don’t.

Final thoughts on what is a good pet

Keeping a pet is a commitment which should be considered thoroughly before you take the leap and purchase. What is a good pet will depend on your thoughts and how much you want your pet to affect your lifestyle. As long as you take in all the above considerations then you will make the right choice for you and your family and hopefully purchase a pet that will fit into your life, rather than trying to fit into theirs.

by Patrick Fitz Gibbon
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You may want to look at purchasing a fish. If you want to know more about fish as pets then visit us by clicking the links.

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