The Cultural Addiction To Youth!The Cultural Addiction To Youth!

Many writers, intellectuals, and people who believe they fall into one or both of the above categories have written about the eccentricities of contemporary mainstream culture. Information technology, shoulder pads, skateboards, video games, and sparkly vampires can all form interesting topics in these types of writings. Many of these trends have been discussed and interpreted as a panacea (see the triumphalist response to the rise of the Internet) or the Gotterdammerung of the soul and reason of mankind (see the hand-wringing response to same). However, there are some things that most cultural pundits agree on, and this is one of them: one of the major cultural developments of the past few decades the world over has been the rise of youth culture.

This trend has manifested itself in many ways. Of course, part of it is the targeting of certain cultural products towards the young, or those who would like to think of themselves as being young. Furthermore, the young also play a major role--perhaps even the main role--in setting the general tone of a certain culture. The tastes of their elders, however widely shared and economically powerful, can often appear to be on the fringe.

More and more, youth is seen as a desirable attribute, and attempts to slow down the aging process are seen as acceptable, or even normal. For instance, around the mid-twentieth century, it was often seen as faintly ridiculous for an older woman in the United States to dye her gray hairs. Women who did so often did their very best to hide this fact. Nowadays, however, it is considered much less strange or silly to dye one's hair in order to preserve a youthful appearance. Many more mature women who dye their hair are not ashamed to admit it.

There have also been many more high-tech medical products and services to help people look and feel young, even if they are already of an advanced age. Some of these means and procedures can be very drastic, as in the case of multiple cosmetic surgeries done to stave off wrinkles, sagging, etc.

For a more moderate approach, many more mature individuals are considering taking human growth hormone supplements like Genf20 Plus, GHR1000, Sytropin, Genfx, Cloud Nine HGH and Provacyl . These products are purported to stimulate the production of the hormone in users. The claim is that these products tackle a root cause of aging, i.e. the decrease in the production of human growth hormone (HGH) by the body as a person grows older. The point is to allow a person to grow older and wiser while helping them to age more gracefully. HGH supplements are widely advertised over the Internet, and, being supplements, may be bought without prescription.

Now, what does HGH have to do with aging? It turns out that it affects many other physical factors besides one's height. A person's cellular reproduction, immunity, muscle mass, and bone strength are linked to their HGH production. It is also claimed that HGH production can have an effect on concentration and mood stability, so the effects are mental and emotional as well. This is yet another interesting product that has come out of the rise of youth culture.
by Neil Kruvasier
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Being young has always been preferred to being old. Staying active  has proven to be good for anti aging and complete retirement really bad for your health. To stay young many are now using many life extension products such as HGH and Resvertrol.
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