When people try to find suitable solutions to data management, they would usually find information about MySQL and MsSQL on the Internet. Of course, many people would find that the information provided by web surfers would be similar and it seems that both of the programs could work well to give data management for the website well. However, there are actually plenty of differences between the two programs and there would be a lot of things that people should try to find and know before they make a decision to choose the right programs to work.

First of all, the flexibility provided by both of the programs would be different. In fact, people would simply find that both of the programs would support many of the major protocols and the protocols would enable the users to get into the databases. But if people take a look into the details of the programs, they would find that MySQL would not be up to the standards of ANSI SQL. It would not be a very big problem, but it would need the websites owners to update to MsSQL when the website is growing greater and greater because the data management from MySQL is not sufficient. This is also one of the problems encountered by the people who are conducting the eCommerce website services to earn the money.

When people try to store data using the programs above, one of the most important things would surely be the security of the data. MySQL would use SQL Grant command and this type of command would enable table level of security granting only. But for MsSQL, there would be column level of security provided and so only a certain portions of information and data could be secured. Therefore, MySQL would provide a better security to all the data of the website actually.

After people finish making a decision on the data management program, they would need to find suitable customer supports provided by the companies. However, people should try to see if there are some experts using these programs. It is because these experts are the ones who might be better than the web hosting service providers to help the customers know more about how to control the website programs. There are only one hundred people who are real experts of MySQL in the world nowadays but for MsSQL, there are a lot of experts who know how to use the program. Therefore, a lot of people would surely love to find the useful information about MsSQL from the forums on the Internet so that they would be able to get the tips for using the program to improve the quality of the website management.

Therefore, to conclude, MsSQL is better for people who are new website owners because there would be a lot of convenient supports from the internet. On the other hand, MySQL would need some more professional control on the website, so experts in website management could try to use this type of program to control the data of the website.
by Puripong Koomsin
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