Quanzhou Children Shoes Industry Try To Cross-border MarketingQuanzhou Children Shoes Industry Try To Cross-border Marketing

Fick kids join a small study sponsored "Book Tour" the first leg of the "Shanghai Film Art Studio mingling Tour" will begin. At the same time, both with the World Kombo a treasure signs Cardin shoes to market. With the 2010 Shanghai World Expo shoes specify the licensed manufacturer and licensed retailers as, go-karts are authorized R & D, production with the Expo logo and the image of children's shoes Treasure products, design and realization of Cardin Treasure Expo image of the perfect combination.

We are pleasantly surprised to find that cross-marketing trend has spread to the entire children's shoes industry. More and more children's shoes business, not simply to satisfy the Award at the base, celebrity endorsements, sports events and other marketing grafting practices, introduce new marketing initiatives, many of whom are excellent cross-marketing cases, it is interesting.

However, the "cross-marketing" model could go further to Jinjiang shoes brand? According to their positioning needs, Jinjiang shoes how should grasp the common brand and links to a number of factors had no ties to the integration, extension, to achieve maximum cross-border joint ventures in the market and profit maximization, the problem is still worthy of further exploration and think!

Phenomenon: Quanzhou children's shoes to open the Mood "cross-marketing".

Cross-border cooperation (English name crossover) in recent years become a concern for hot marketing term, which means the brand in two different areas of mutual cooperation, the original irrelevant or even contradictory elements are blended to achieve the objective of win-win.

In recent years, cross-border community has been extremely popular concept in marketing: Beer and clothing, real estate and luxury goods, cola and music ... ... these seemingly irrelevant to the product through cross-marketing to achieve a win-win, to achieve a winning combination brand synergy. The classic cross-marketing can be described as "the mouse to marry the cat," and only engravings.

The Fick upcoming "shoe fairy" is Fick cross-cultural and creative products and marketing attempt. Recently, Fick kids with little study of Chinese initial public literature network agreement, the two sides will jointly create a "fairy tale shoes customized services." It is the first time in children's products industry to run "fairy shoes customized marketing" system. The Fick joint children's literature in China is the largest public website? Small study, the organization of a national child fairy tale picture book collecting contest, and will explore a number from a good fairy tale elements.

The two sides combined to borrow a small study of fairy tales pictures and other original elements of the development and integration of children nowadays are most concerned about cultural and creative elements, from a small study designed to Fick manuscript and provided shoe fairy orders Fick production company, the two parties jointly to help Push fairy shoes sold on the market.

At the same time, Cardin license with Treasure Expo also playing "cross-concept" effective cheap. Both from a production line Cardin out of the treasure with the world Kombo signs Cardin shoes, walked into the Shanghai World Expo numerous franchise stores, as foreign tourists eager to buy the Expo merchandise.

Earlier this year, Cardin formally signed on as 2010 Shanghai World Expo shoes specify the licensed manufacturer and licensed retailers. As a licensed manufacturer Expo, go-karts are authorized R & D, production with the Expo logo and the image of children's shoes Treasure series, go-karts for many years to achieve innovative design industry and Treasure Expo the perfect combination of the image.

According to Children's Products Co., Ltd. Chairman Huang Bingnan Cardin said Cardin licensed retailer is about to start recruitment activities, preliminary plans to the National Cardin sales outlets in the selection of the 100 stores, through the upgrading of the establishment of exclusive shelf props, "Cardin made" Expo licensed products in the channel children's shoes, when all are using the Expo licensed products and specialty packaging, and products Expo licensed products posted special anti-counterfeit labels.

Recommendation: should follow the superposition.

Originated in the field of cross-border fashion trend, this has landed in a different fashion territory flowering. In the sporting goods industry, from the lack of classic cases of cross-border marketing: Puma (Puma) and the German luxury apparel brand Jil Sander cooperation, Dongfeng Citroen C2 with the famous Italian fashion brand Kappa co-operation movement, Pa g hand Nissan Del Qingyan Mountain Tourist Office of Hui and commemorative postcards, etc. to promote true.

In contrast, children's products industry, the implication of a large number of cultural and creative, such as innocence, nature, environmental protection, etc., is more suitable for grafting applications in order to achieve effective communication.

"Brand itself is a carrier of culture." Fick Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. General Manager Chin-Cheng Chen explained that the small study is a nonprofit children's reading site, from the "childhood reading, harvest dream" that the viewpoint, and Fick years brand operating concept "self-confidence growing concern about the health of children, round color childhood dream" match.

China Advertising Association Academic Committee Zhang Fasong that Fick and small study is consistent with the brand concept, both through the development of fairy shoes deep customization system is close to the body similar to a small study and Fick's "Elegant", "Dream" combine elements such as the passage of time, to achieve the two brands associated or so when the two brands in a specific equate. In other words, the cross-border marketing of the implementation process, arising from the small study, the role of associate Fick.

"Truth is almost the same nature, Kading La on the lovely sea treasure to join in to create a dynamic atmosphere with a sea treasure is passed into the 2010 Shanghai World Expo shoes specify the licensed manufacturer and licensed retailers, the Expo will not only learn the elements of cultural development, also choose from a Treasure combination of image and brand, so Cardin brand image and brand association more tension. "Zhangfa Song on Road.

However, the industry believes that, in different sectors, industries or cross-channel marketing mix and match, stack effect can bring the brand, but must pay attention to matching of resources, as well-known marketing expert Li Dou said, the major cross-marketing should be like marriage as well married, to seek powerful combination, so as to make cross-border marketing, 1 +1> 2 be a win-win, or else both parties will bring endless suffering.

"Each brand is a kind of cultural interpretation, or a way of philosophy, is the target consumer group is an integral part of the personality embodied in, but this features a single, competitive brands and the outside world at the same time as the interruption of the brand for the culture or way of concept will weaken the interpretation of results, through cross-marketing can avoid this problem. "bucket, said Li.

"As we always say 'hero with a good sword' of the truth, as if the 'hero' and 'good sword' as two different brands, then the 'hero' is only accompanied by 'good sword' to reflect its Hidetake, The 'good sword' just be 'heroes' are used, power can be most vividly in the play, the two complement each other to set off each other, complement each other, play to their results. On the contrary, it will not play such an effect, but their value in the waste . "Li Dou suggested.
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