Celebrations - Honoring The OccasionCelebrations - Honoring The Occasion

For people all around the world, there are many different types of events that can rightly be called celebrations. Mankind has been routinely finding reasons to gather together in revelry for millennia. IN fact, marking various occasions and events with a celebratory party is such an ingrained part of our culture as humans that most of us never give such gatherings a second thought. They are simply a part of the fabric of our lives.

What is a Celebration?

Celebrations are, at their core, parties. Though they can range from subdued, low-key affairs to wild recreational events, they all have one thing in common: they are designed to bring together family and friends in a social setting to honor some occasion.

General Celebrations

The most common celebrations around the world are those involving birthdays, marriages, and the birth of children. For thousands of years, we have collectively celebrated these milestones as being among the most important events in our human social fabric. Since society is strengthened by each of these occasions, they are indeed something worthy of universal celebration.

Special Events

Some cultures choose to celebrate different types of events as well. In the lands where Christianity took root, most people honor and celebrate Christmas and Easter. The Jews celebrate Hanukah, the Passover, and a host of other festivals that honor poignant moments from their long and sometimes tortured history. Across the world, every culture has dates, times, and events that are worthy of honoring.

Saint Patrick's Day is one of those celebrations designed for socializing. With customs ranging from the wearing of the green to lime colored beer, it is a party atmosphere that brings out the Irish in all of us - even where we never would have guessed it to exist.

American Holidays

In the United States, there are a number of holidays that are celebrated each year, all of which are an attempt to maintain the memory of key events in American history. Thanksgiving is, of course, the prototypical American holiday. It honors the strength and courage of our pilgrim forefathers as they braved the elements and hazards of the New World.

And what American could forget the Fourth of July, that date that marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence more than two centuries ago, and the eventual birth of the Republic? The Fourth is one of those celebrations that are honored in grand style across the country. Picnics, parades, and fireworks are all central parts of the celebration.

Commercial Celebrations

Of course, given the propensity of the marketplace to commercialize everything in its path, it should come as no surprise that there are holiday celebrations based upon commercial ventures as well. The most obvious one is Valentine's Day, which has been transformed into a vehicle for increased candy, flowers, and card sales. Others exist as well.

From celebrations that honor the seasons to modern day wonders like the Super Bowl and World Series, mankind never seems to run out of reasons to gather and rejoice. Celebrations are, quite simply, among the most important of the rituals that renew our common human bonds.
by Ronald Fisackerly
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Ronald Fisackerly does a lot of article writing for Skylighter. Skylighter sells flying lanterns and fireworks as well as a variety of other items.
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