What Moving Supplies Do You Need To Make Your Move Smoother?What Moving Supplies Do You Need To Make Your Move Smoother?

With the economy so bad, people are moving from place to place more frequently as they go where the jobs are available. However, moving house can be difficult and even traumatic at the best of times; it can be even worse if you don't plan it properly since you risk your stuff being damaged in transit or even getting lost. This is why you need to plan your move very carefully to ensure that it all goes smoothly. Part of good planning is to get the right moving supplies to ensure that your things are packed properly.

The most basic moving supplies are moving boxes. These boxes are made of reinforced cardboard designed to withstand a significant amount of weight; apart from the weight of the contents, they also have to survive being piled on top of one another. There are four types of moving boxes: small, medium, large and extra-large. Small boxes have average dimensions of 15"x12"x10" and are generally used for packing items such as CDs, books or canned food and can carry weight of around 24 pounds. Medium boxes are around 18"x15"x12" and are used for toys, clothes and small appliances. Large boxes have average dimensions of 18"x17"x20" and are used to pack oversized items as well as bulky objects such as clothes, kitchen items and toys. Finally, extra-large boxes are designed to withstand weights of as much as 200 lbs. There are also specialized boxes that are designed for particular items, such as wardrobe boxes designed to hold clothes complete with hanger rails, kitchen boxes with cell separators to prevent fragile dishes and cups from rattling against each other and possibly breaking, and frame boxes for transporting mirrors and items with glass panels such as paintings.

Apart from moving boxes, other moving supplies you'll need include packing tape, packaging protection such as bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts, wrapping paper and markers for labeling the boxes. You can also buy moving kits that contain most of the items needed for moving, which come in quantities ranging from one to ten room kits.

When buying moving supplies, make sure that you have more than enough to pack all of you and your family's possessions; it is better to have too many boxes than to have too few since it would cost you more to buy boxes at the last minute. If you have too many, you can easily dispose of them. Also have enough bubble wrap and other packing material to ensure that your stuff is secure and will not be damaged.

When buying your moving supplies make sure that you deal with a reputable vendor. These days, many manufacturers are producing boxes that are less sturdy than before, which could cause the box to break while it is being transported, damaging your possessions. Look for boxes that are marked with the edge crush test, a performance test that measures the stacking strength of the carton and is measured by applying pressure to a small segment of the paperboard until a peak load is determined. ECT is measured in pounds per lineal inch (lb/in) although it is usually reported as the value of the ECT (i.e. 50 ECT).
by Sean Goudelock
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