Thoughts Concerning The Best Place For RetirementThoughts Concerning The Best Place For Retirement

What are the main questions that have to be resolved in the minds of people who reach retirement age? Primarily, the question of where to spend their time needs to be weighed carefully. Secondarily, the question of what will be the most productive occupation for them has to be well answered in their minds.

Naturally, old people would prefer to stay at home, with the people they love, people who are used to their peculiarities and know how to put up with them Two factors make staying at home very attractive for most retirees, dependent also on their own temperament. First is the natural bond between members of the same family and second, there is the fact that they have gotten used to each others habits and have learned to live with each other's peculiarities. Both factors lead to a deeper understanding of everyone's emotional and physical needs.

Retirement is not completed on a person's 60th birthday. For that matter, neither should it be completed for so long as a person lives. There are happily many people in their 80's who have not really retired or withdrawn from the world in their mind's eye. But as a rule, the thinking of a person has to be coaxed to accept the peculiarities of his position as a senior citizen.

Owing to the age and sensitivity of people in this age group, his family needs to extend their support and understanding to him as he discovers the lifestyle that is appropriate for him. And there are no rules for doing that helping him do that.

Having a retired person living with a family, behaving like and needing the attention that is associated with little children, becomes an issue sooner or later. The resolution of the difficulties will have to be discovered and applied by force of experience. Planning can be only so effective.

If the retiree's family was never, to begin with, held by strong bonds of affection, the home environment may not be the ideal one for him to be in. And no amount of optimism can remove that possibility. In the absence of sympathy in a household, the process of adjustment that the retiree undergoes may become complete instead of partial withdrawal from his dealings with other people. There have been cases where the retired person ended up as a pathetic psychological case. The kind of care that used to be characteristic of homes for the aged was purely routine. Seniors were provided with their essential physical needs. Concern for what they felt and thought was lacking. Most often, the staff was impersonal and aloof.

The state of retirement homes today is dramatically different from what they were several years past. There is typically a more cheerful and home-like atmosphere pervading. Old people not only receive their vital necessities but are provided with positive mental and psychological stimulation. In short, senior citizens are happier today in retirement homes.

Communication between the retired person and his family is enhanced and encouraged by the management of today's institutions for the aged. The facilities for entertainment and study have been improved. There is now a wealth of things that old people can preoccupy themselves with in these homes. As a result, not only their physical, but also their mental and psychological needs are addressed

It used to be that people went to retirement homes as a last resort. Today, however, these homes are the first options of many retired people. That is because the facilities have been improved. There are more opportunities for recreational and study activities. So updated are some retirement homes that they are even more conducive for old people to live in. Add to that the fact that the number of health care professionals has shot up in recent years and you cannot be surprised that many people bound for retirement choose to live in such homes rather than in their own.

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by Lolita Sanchez
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