Three Simple Techniques To Hide Audio-Video Equipment In Your HomeThree Simple Techniques To Hide Audio-Video Equipment In Your Home

Ways to hide your audio-video equipment include: make use of a trompe l'oeil-style artwork, put your AV equipment underneath a table with a skirted drape, and use a nearby closet for storage.

One of the causes that make a room unsightly is the abundance of electronics or audio-video (AV) equipments like speakers, DVD players, television, and gaming consoles lying around. The equipment and the room's decor usually clash or the cables and wiring get tangled and messy. Fortunately, there are tricks for concealing audio video equipment so that it doesn't become an eyesore.

Make use of a trompe l'oeil-style artwork

The art style known as trompe l'oeil deceives viewers into believing an image is real. This is a great trick to conceal devices and their unsightly wires, and it can even divert the attention of your guests. Rooms with your AV equipment can benefit from trompe l'oeil posters and prints available for decoration. You can either place the artwork directly in front of the equipment to completely hide it from view or you can hang the art behind your equipment as a background. The imagery's bold colors and bright images in the background draw the eyes of the viewer from things in the immediate area.

Put your AV equipment underneath a table with a skirted drape

This trick is practical if your AV equipment is piled in one area of the room. You can make use of a table covered with a long drape to hide all your electronics. Find an end table or rolling table and arrange your AV equipment underneath it. Be sure to find a table skirt that matches the room's color scheme and style. Since there are many table skirts in a huge range of colors, textures and materials, this should rather be convenient to you. Drape the fabric over the tabletop and pull it down so that it hides all the electronic devices underneath. This technique will also give you additional spaces for displaying books or decorations on the tabletop, aside from hiding your AV equipment.

Keep all your AV equipments inside a closet

You can even transform a closet as a storage area for all your AV equipment. Find one that is big and sturdy enough to accommodate all the electronics that you want to conceal. Clean out any dust and wipe surfaces that can damage your electronics prior to placing all of them in the closet. You can also use a dolly and pile all your AV equipment on it instead of putting them on the closet shelves. When your equipment is mobile, it's much easier to place it where you want it or hide it out of sight. Drilling holes in the closet will allow the wires to pass through. If you choose, you can also install additional shelving for storing CDs and smaller gadgets like microphones or you can install lighting so that you can easily operate or handle the components inside. This closet can also serve as the audio video center of your home.

You won't be worrying about how your AV equipment ruins the décor and design of your room any longer, if you hide your electronics properly. Just make sure that your efforts at concealing your equipment do not make things more difficult for you.
by Danica Reynes
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