Tips That Will Boost Your Weight Loss EffortsTips That Will Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Some factors that contribute to obesity and hinder weight loss are not very well covered by most diet programs available today. So, I am going to touch on these factors, that if ignored, will derail even the most strict weight loss or fitness regimen. I believe the use and application of these and other proven fitness techniques, will keep you on the right path towards successfully losing weight.

Social Factors

This group of factors includes a variety of social events. People tend to associate food with social activities and will usually overeat under such conditions. Some examples of where people tend to overeat includes parties, family events, weddings, or even at the mall. Some specific examples of why people may overeat in such events includes trying everything at a buffet table, peer pressure to drink alcohol, or just eating and drinking as a result of boredom while at the social event. Others may eat more just because they are close to available food, this is known as localized eating. Others may feel pressure to eat just to please the host, or order a large meal based on appetite and not real hunger level. Some things you have little control over, such as not knowing the real calorie content of food prepared by others. In order to maximize your weight loss, stick to good eating habits when attending social events. These risks and obstacles are real and may limit your weight loss efforts, if not kept under control. So take control of yourself when engaged in any type of social event and you will be a step ahead in your efforts to lose weight.

TIP: Before heading out to a social event, have a small meal along with some water. This will diminish your chance of overeating and help keep you on track to lose weight.

Physiological Factors

Remember, hunger is the primary physiological determinant of eating behaviors. It is the physiological sensation that triggers the urge to eat. When you eat and feel full, the hunger mechanism shuts down. This mechanism to regulate food intake is not precise or consistent for a variety of reasons. This includes the fact that satiety is effected by the type of calories consumed, the amount of food already in the stomach, and the extent that food satisfies demand created by the brain. Also, food eaten faster than the food content information is processed in your body will usually delay a shut down of your hunger mechanism. These variables may cause over consumption of food before the hunger mechanism turns off, and therefore hinder your weight loss efforts. So what can you do?

TIP: Stick to foods that are more efficient and effective at triggering feelings of satiety. Some examples include fish, apples, oranges, grains, nuts, oatmeal, potatoes, and other foods high in fiber. Some foods that may delay shutting down your hunger mechanism include cakes, donuts, peanuts,candy bars, and most foods that have a high content of simple sugars. Remember, if hunger is not addressed on time, the perception of the need for food increases, and so does the chance of overeating.

TIP: In your efforts to lose weight, eat with fluids and at a slower pace. This will allow the body time to recognize the food contents and better regulate the shut-off valve in the hypothalamus.

TIP: Get in touch with your body. Learn the difference between appetite and hunger.
by Gene R
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As a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer with over 20 years of fitness experience, I've learned a lot about weight loss. To lose weight, and keep it off, use safe and scientifically proven methods. I highly recommend this source to get started on your way to a lean body.
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