Why You Should Try Thai MassageWhy You Should Try Thai Massage

If you think going to a spa house for a Thai Massage will be just like any old massage therapy experience, think again. Here are several reasons you should give this form of massage a try:

- Body conscious? You don't have to take off your clothes to get a massage. Thai massage is different from the popular Western concept of massage in that the recipient of the massage remains fully clothed. Unlike in most massage types that have become prevalent in Western countries where you are asked to remove several or all of your clothes and are covered either with sheets or towels, in a Thai massage session you don't have to be unclothed. In fact, should there be a need to do so, you will merely be asked to change into loose-fitting clothing.

- No lotions and oils that stick to your body. It goes without saying that since you will not be asked to shed off your clothes, no aromatic and/or medicinal oils and/or lotions will be used in the course of the session - something that likewise sets this form of massage apart from other types. This is good news to those who only have a couple of hours to spare since their free time will be maximized, as well as to individuals who have highly sensitive skin and are wary of having any type of oil or lotion from coming in contact with their skin.

- You get to do yoga, too. In most places, Thai Massage is alternately called "Thai Yoga Massage", and with good reason. One of the six crucial points in this form of massage therapy - along with acupressure, meditation, exercise, healing, and reflexology - is yoga. If you are looking then to increase your flexibility while at the same time relieving yourself from stress caused by your busy schedule, you might want to consider getting this type of massage regularly.

- There are a lot of benefits to be had. The usual list of benefits one can enjoy in other forms of massage therapy naturally applies to Thai massage, too. This list includes the following:
o relaxation
o pain relief
o bodily tension relief
o invigorated nervous system
o improved blood circulation
o improved energy flow
o heightened awareness
o overall feeling of well-being

- It can give you so much more. Other than the above-mentioned advantages, should you decide to try out this form of massage, you are in for other, unique benefits. First, you get to increase your flexibility through the passive yogic positions that the practitioner will assist you into doing. Second, a genuine Thai massage session - that is, if it is facilitated by a knowledgeable practitioner who follows the procedure to the letter - can reward you with a sense of self-healing that can help alleviate not only physical but likewise emotional, mental, and spiritual strain. This is due to the fact that the primary purpose of Thai massage is to bring about harmony amongst the three aspects of an individual - mind, body, and spirit.
by Lee Blackam.
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I hope you enjoyed reading this article. For more information on Thai Massage in Thailand, please visit our Spa House website - Carnation Spa House and Thai Massage, A Refreshing Concept in Relaxation and Well-Being - Come Pamper Yourself Today. Drop by for current Spa and Treatment Specials! Regards, Lee
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