Activities To Keep Kids Happy On Snowy DaysActivities To Keep Kids Happy On Snowy Days

Cold and snowy winters can be a tough time for active children, and for the parent who is stuck indoors with them. Counter that restlessness and boredom with fun snowy day activities. Bundle up and venture outside to play in the snow and work off their excess energy. Breathe in that invigorating fresh winter air to lift your spirits. Not only will your children have a fun time playing in the snow, you will also when you join them in their play. Consider these fun activities to keep you and your kids happy.

Build a Snowman

Winter and snowmen go hand-in-hand if you live in a snowy climate. Building a snowman can be an easy activity for any age child, if you are fortunate enough to have enough snowfall that is wet and holds together well. So, bundle up your children and head outdoors for snowman making fun. A snowman can be as large as you wish, but it doesn't need to be large if you have young children. Help them roll the snow into appropriate size balls and then stack them to form the snowman's head and body. The fun comes when it is time to decorate your snowman. You can use small branches for arms, rocks for eyes and mouth and the necessary carrot for the nose. An old hat, scarf or mittens are perfect finishing touches to give your snowman personality. Don't forget your camera so you can take photos of the snowman building fun and a photo of your child with the finished snowman. Share the fun outdoor day with friends and family by displaying the best photos indoors in fun winter-themed picture frames. If you have a creative streak, and plenty of snow, you don't need to stop with the snowman, build a snow dog or cat companion or even snow dinosaurs to decorate your yard. You are only limited by your imagination and the snowfall.

Create and Build a Snow Castle

Budding architects or your prince or princess may enjoy designing and building a snow castle. Work on a design, simple or elaborate, before you go out in the cold and then grab your sandcastle tools, bundle up and head outside to create your snow castle masterpiece. Don't forget to capture the fun in photos as the castle progresses. Those smiling, rosy cheek faces peering out of their snow castle are memories you will want to share so be sure to snap a photo when the snow castle is complete and display it in a picture frame as a reminder of your winter fun.

Enjoy an Indoor Picnic

When it's time to end the snow playtime and head back indoors to get warm, the fun doesn't need to end. Chances are your children will be hungry from the invigorating snow play, so continue the fun with an indoor picnic. Spread a blanket on the floor and set out paper plates and napkins. Hot dogs or grilled cheese sandwiches are fun and easy picnic foods. If you want to warm your tummy from the inside, a bowl of steaming soup with crackers is a perfect choice. You and your children can get toasty warm as you sip a cup of hot cocoa and gaze out the window to admire your dapper snowman or regal snow castle.
by Autumn Lockwood
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