Ways Of Poultry Farming In IndiaWays Of Poultry Farming In India

Poultry egg and meat are the most important to maintain a balance human diet because they contain high quality proteins, minerals and vitamins.Depending on the farm-size, egg and meat farming can become a main source of income for farmers throughout the year. They can also help us reducing the problem of unemployment of a country.

The Poultry farming in India not flourished till 1960s. Homegrown chicken constituted the major share and their productivity was around 60-70 eggs per bird per year. During the past three decades, the Indian poultry farming industry has been changed dramatically.Today, it has transformed itself into an organized industry. The Indian poultry farming industry has an annual growth rate of 20% now. It's present worth is more than Rs.70, 000 million and it is also a source of bread and butter to over 700,000 people. Poultry farming is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector in India today. The production of broiler is increasing at a rate of nearly 8-10% per year.

The growth in production of poultry meat increased from 0.12 million metric tons in 1981 to around 2.2.The annual per capita availability of eggs has also increased from a mere 10 eggs 1970s to around 42 eggs and chicken meat increased from 146 grams in 1970s to around 1.6 Kgs, presently.

The organized sector of Indian poultry farming is contributing almost 70% of the total production and the rest 30% in the unorganized sector. "Andhra Pradesh", "Tamil Nadu" and "Maharashtra" are contributing nearly 70% of the eggs produced in India. About 75% of the total eggs production is consumed by the 25% population living in urban and semi-urban areas. Presently about 800 farming hatcheries are operating in the India.

About 3 million farmers and 15 million rural farmers are employed in the poultry industry that grow poultry constituents for feed and contribute about Rs 26,000 crore to the Indian income. India is now, the fifth largest manufacturer of egg and ninth largest producer of poultry meat. The Indian poultry production is considered to be the most inexpensive in the world.

The companies contribute for nearly 40% of broiler industry integrators and contracts. Pioneer Poultry group lead the concept of contract farming in the year 1980.Poultry farming came to be accepted as a worthwhile activity by mid 60s and the real thrust to growth came in 1971 with the establishment of Venkateswara Hatcheries Pvt Ltd. The Central Poultry Breeding Farms placed the foundation for the development of poultry industry during 1959. Other organizations such as ICAR (CARI) contributed much in the "Research and Development" sector.

A Number of factors have helped to flourish Poultry developments in India. Some of them include:

• The research and development schemes of Government.

• Effective management by the organized private sector.

• Growing demand of Indians, for a low-priced source of proteins nutrients, provided by eggs and chickens.

• With the rise of the middle class and the increased urbanization, people prefer to go for non-vegetarian foods.

• In India, low maintenance cost is required for poultry farming.

• Chickens adapt easily to almost any condition, that's why, earnings in this profession are quite high.

• India has a self-reliant, technology driven industry, with capability to produce every essential input for successful poultry farming.

• India has indigenous genetic resource, world-class poultry vaccines and medicines and has specific pathogen free eggs (SPF).

• It has hatchery and farms automation systems, feed, egg processing, poultry processing and nationwide network of disease.

• In India, diagnostic laboratories and facilities are available for entrepreneurial development and training, in both private and public sectors.
by Kevin Rao
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The India poultry Industry has more than 3 million farmers and 15 million agrarian farmers. India got 17th position in the world poultry production and its poultry productions are cheapest in the world. Click here for Poultry farming in India
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