The Secret Behind Six Pack Abs WorkoutThe Secret Behind Six Pack Abs Workout

Many men are longing to have that killer six pack abs but wonder how they will be able to achieve this. Some might think this is an easy task and will only require continuous workout. However, it is not as simple as others think it is. There is actually no short cuts to getting six pack abs. This article will help you find some effective ways to have that completely chiseled abs.

The secret behind getting six pack abs is to burn the stomach fat and strengthen the abdominal muscles. This can only be achieved by working out well and having the proper diet. Working out should be done carefully as doing the wrong exercises may harm your body, making you achieve nothing in the end.

You do need to waste your money on expensive gym equipment to do the exercises. The workouts need cheap or no machines to perform them. Some can be done from the comfort of your bed with zero help from a third party. Remember the workouts are geared toward burning the excess stomach fat and strengthening the muscles.

The first exercise is the crunch. This still remains the best abdominal work out. The exercise works out the abdominal rectus muscle. The crunch is different from the sit up although they may look similar. When doing a crunch makes sure you lie with your back face facing upwards and your knees bent. Curl your shoulders slowly towards your pelvis. Your arms should behind or preferably beside your neck or have them crossed somewhere on your chest. Take 100 crunches daily organized in 10 sets of ten crunches a set. The exercise is not painful and should be stopped immediately if pain is felt. According to fitness experts, this exercise is not for people rehabilitating their backs.

The other exercise is the sit ups. It is more like the crunches but when taking a sit up where you lift up the lower back unlike the crunch where the lower back does not leave the floor. Sit ups will work the stomach fat and harden it. Sit ups can be done on the floor using a mat or on a flat bed. Wrong positioning of the back during the exercises is harmful. The sit ups should also be taken in sets.

Another popular method is the use of abs machines. There are so many abs machines on the market. The machine will come in different sizes and working methodology. The common thing about abs machines is that they strengthen and tone your stomach, another important step in getting six pack abs. the machines include the abs roller, which is the most common. The abs roller is just a wheel and a short axle that a person uses to do press ups. Instead of doing the regular up down press up, you use the abs roller as a pivot and do a front-back movement with the ab. Others include the abs rocker, twister, doer, dolly, torso tiger among many others some very expensive.
by Charles Githongo
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As you can see, six pack abs workout is very simple, however, it could seem difficult at the beginning, but if you set appropriate goals, it is achievable.
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