The Amazing Transformation In Poultry Farming In India - Providing Better Health And More JobsThe Amazing Transformation In Poultry Farming In India - Providing Better Health And More Jobs

Until the 1960's poultry farming in India was not considered a serious business and small farmers used to simply start it in their back yards without having to bother about any quality standards or cleanliness. The whole of India was going by from these small farmers working independently and they mainly constituted 100 percent of poultry farming in India. But since the recent few decades a drastic change has been witnessed in poultry farming in India. Now India is trying to become more organized in poultry farming and has started introducing some higher standards of quality and cleanliness for the farmers to meet. The government started witnesses a huge malnutrition in the citizens of India because of the low standards of poultry in the country. This is what led them to the introduction of more systematic poultry farming in India so they can curb malnutrition while also giving the poor jobs.

The personnel of India working in the development programmers decided to introduce poultry farming in India in a proper organized manner so as to create more jobs and curb unemployment in the country while also giving healthier food to their nation. The greatest thing about introducing systematic poultry farming in India is that it doesn't require any heavy investment in capital and gives profitable returns in no time. This has encouraged a lot of private companies as well to set up poultry farming in India at higher standards following the international market trends. A great example of such companies is Venky's was established itself in the year 1971. They call themselves the 'Father of the Indian Poultry Industry' and today they enjoy a prestigious name not only in poultry farming in India but all over the world.

The Venky's company of poultry farming in India has a lot of expertise that they skillfully combined with their business strategies and diversified into many areas. They offer both chicken and egg processing, SPF eggs, vaccine production, poultry feed supplements, poultry disease diagnosis, genetic research, feed & equipment for poultry farming in India, soya bean extracts, healthy and nutritional products, and bio security products. Today Venky's has become the largest poultry farming in India. Their hard work has been recognized by several authorized for which they have even won numerous rewards both nationally and internationally.

Poultry farming in India has huge potential and can still grow a lot. Many companies have been making huge profits out of it and there still is a wide gap that needs to be met. Companies like Venky's are continuously working hard on their research and development to ensure their quality standards only grow higher and higher. They have deployed state - of - the - art facilities for poultry farming in India that has really helped them in ensuring equitable standard for all their chicken and eggs. Many companies have emerged to help poultry farming in India become easier by offering companies in the industry with all the equipment they need. Companies like Gartech equipments Pvt. Ltd offer broiler feeder cages, motorized feed trolleys, typical cages, Ge royal cages, egg collection systems, breeder batteries, layer batteries, manure handling systems, environment control systems, floor management systems, feeding systems, and hundreds of other amazing equipments to make poultry farming in India all the more efficient and higher in quality.

Poultry farming in India will continue to grow creating more job opportunities for the citizens as well. Due to this improved poultry farming in India the disease rate has been greatly reduced along with mortality incidents. This transformation in poultry farming in India has immensely helped the nation in several ways.
by Burt Workman
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The India poultry Industry has more than 3 million farmers and 15 million agrarian farmers. India got 17th position in the world poultry production and its poultry productions are cheapest in the world. Click here for Poultry farming in India
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