Using Metal Detectors At Airports, Schools And On The BeachUsing Metal Detectors At Airports, Schools And On The Beach

Metal detectors have an oscillator. It is the one that produces an alternating current, which passes through a coil. This creates an alternating magnetic field so it creates current when a conductive metal comes near it. It changes the magnetic field that signals when there is a metal nearby. Metal detectors are very useful. They can be used in different fields such as airports, schools, security checkpoints, beaches and military mine fields. A metal detector can even be included in making radars. It can also be an entertaining tool and can be used for metal hunting on the beach.

Metal Detectors at Airports
Today, every airport probably has a metal detector in each entrance. Metal detectors are extremely helpful in preventing terrorism and hijacking since security personnel at the airport can detect every possible deadly weapons and tools made from metals. Some metal detectors in airports can also detect explosive materials. There are two types of metal detectors that are used at entrance points of establishments like airport: hand-held and mounted metal detectors.

Everyone and every baggage that enters the airport premises are scanned to prevent security threat utilizing the pulse induction technology in metal detecting. Metal detectors are definitely useful in maintaining security and in recovering items that have parts made from metals. It will signal when any kind of conductive metal comes near and belt buckles, key chains and orthopaedic implants are not an exception.

Metal Detectors at Schools
Schools need to be weapon-free. There is no valid reason for anyone to bring dangerous or deadly weapons to school. It will only result to violence and harm. To keep it a safe place for students, teachers and administrative staffs, metal detectors can be used. Guns, knives and other weapons with metal parts can easily be found at the entrance. Even the ones inside bags can be detected. Schools also have the option to put up a walk-through or use a much cheaper hand-held version of a metal detector. It is the school's administration to decide if the students and teachers will be scanned every week, every day or every time they enter the premises. Evidently, metal detectors allow schools to scan everyone and prevent deadly weapons to get inside the school's premises. It is definitely a great way to prevent violence.

Metal Detectors on Beaches
Beachcombers have become very popular. A lot of people - young and old - like to go to the beach to look for metals that can be recycled. What people usually find on the beach using metal detectors are coins, watches and different kinds of jewellery such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Some can even find gold nuggets on the beach. You can also look for aluminium drink cans. You can have them recycled. You can help in maintaining the beach clean and get paid at the same time.

Beach metal detecting is a fun outdoor activity where you can also get some money. You just need to arm yourself with a good quality beachcomber. Make sure that the metal detector you will buy is designed to work around water. Normal detectors do not usually work when there is salt water nearby because of electrolytic substances.
by John Schofield
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