A Variety Of Secrets To Eat Vegetables In Hot Days A Variety Of Secrets To Eat Vegetables In Hot Days

The weather is getting hot, people greatly reduce appetite, and some people even cannot eat the greasy meat. And some people would like to take advantage of the hot days to lose weight, thus vegetarianism has become the favorite foods at the moment. Appropriate amount of vegetarian diet can reduce cancer risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and tumors. But incorrect way of eating vegetables is not conducive to health, in the following to the see the guidance of vegetarian diet by nutritionist.

When we do vegetarian, we should put less oil and salt. When a lot of people cook, they are used to putting much oil and salt. We only know that vegetables are healthy, but we do not consider that the vegetable oil absorption is particularly strong, and no matter that kind of edible oil, the fat content is more than 98%, which means that almost contains fat. If the dish is added 30 ml of oil, it means that you will eat nearly 30 grams of fat. As a result, vegetables not only cannot bring the effect of reducing fat, but has the possibility of gaining weight. In addition, excessive salt intake is likely to cause blood pressure increased, also leads to excessive water retention in the body, equally bad for your health.

Moreover, the cooked vegetables are better than fried vegetables. Some people like to eat stews, but the vitamin C and antioxidants cannot beat heat; when they run into heat, they will escape. If after a long stew, these ingredients will lose more than half, or even more, it is so pity. In fact, as long as the vegetables do not have too much oil, the cooking time is not particularly long, and no matter how to eat, it is good. However, it is better to cook the vegetables for a while, which reduce the heating time, and reduce the loss of vitamins and antioxidants and nutrition, to retain a greater extent; in addition to the lack of refueling fried process, make the heat lower.

Furthermore, do not easily throw away the leaves and leather. Each part of the vegetables has the nutrition, in which leaves are the factories of plant synthetic nutrients, but also the essence of nutrition, if we throw away it, this will greatly reduce the nutritional value of vegetables. for example, the green leaves of cabbage in the outer layer containing carotene concentration is ten times higher than the white leaves in the center, and the vitamin C should be higher several times.

by Toryyang
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