Reasons Why You Need To Get Involved In Social Media MarketingReasons Why You Need To Get Involved In Social Media Marketing

It's hard to comprehend why a lot of businesses and online marketers are still not taking advantage of the power of social media marketing. They insist on using and being contented with the most basic internet marketing strategies which include search engine marketing, article marketing, and paid advertising. If you are one of these marketers, then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. If there's a best time to get involved in social media, now is that time. In fact, a huge chunk of your marketing plans should be focused on social media sites because it is there where your customers hang out. Social sites provide you with the opportunity to directly contact and have conversations with your targeted customers.

Below is a list of the top reasons why you should get yourself involved in social media marketing right now.

l Social media sites are among the most visited sites online. They are now head to head with search engines when it comes to web traffic numbers. This means millions of people log in to their social profiles every single day. If this does not convince you of the influence that social sites hold, then nothing will. Facebook alone has over 750 million active members. Give the social networking site a few months and it will likely break the one billion mark. This speaks a lot about the sheer volume of people who are using social sites. And this is for Facebook alone. Remember that there are dozens more of other major social media sites out there like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.

lSocial media sites are free. It doesn't get any better than this. You don't have to pay anything to use them. They are basically offering you the opportunity to market to and reach millions of people at zero costs. There are of course exceptions like when you directly buy ads from a social media site. A good example of this is buying an ad from Facebook's advertising services.

Social media sites drive targeted traffic. Social sites are built on the profiles created by their users. These profiles contain the hobbies and interests of the users. Marketing-wise, this is an opportunity you should not pass. If you know what makes a person tick, then you know exactly what products and services you can offer and market to that person. What's great about social media sites is that users often group themselves according to their interests. Users who like hip hop music for instance seem to congregate together in circles. If you own a business selling hip hop stuff, then you need to get into those circles.

It's easy for something to go viral in social media sites. A simple photo, link, or video can suddenly go popular in social sites. Imagine if a link to an article in your website goes popular on Facebook. This would mean a rush of traffic, new customers, and of course a boost in your profits.

Never underestimate the power of social media marketing. In fact, involving yourself in this endeavor could be the best thing you'll ever do for your business, website, or blog.
by Kellie Purden
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