The Best Sites To Implement Your Social Media Marketing StrategiesThe Best Sites To Implement Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

You may have the most sound social media marketing strategies and plans but if you don't know where to implement them, they will just amount to nothing. Writing and devising strategies is one thing, implementing them is another. The question now is where are you going to implement these strategies? Speaking of social media sites, there are literally hundreds of them out there. Obviously, trying to use every single one of them is not only impractical, it's impossible. With that said, what you need to do is find the ones that you think will get you the most value and stick to them.

Below is a list of the biggest and most popular social media sites out there. It is recommended that you build your social media marketing strategies around them to maximize your results.

Facebook - Facebook has become synonymous with the term "social networking site" and for good reasons. In terms of the traffic it commands, Facebook beats all the other social networking sites by a mile. The site now has over 750 million registered users. Its competitors can't even come close to matching this number. So Facebook is without a doubt your best bet when it comes to social media marketing. It has the numbers and influence to get you what you want whether it's traffic, reputation, or a boost in your business' profitability.

Twitter - Twitter's user-base may not be as huge as Facebook but it definitely has benefits over Facebook. One of this is it's ease of use. Connecting with people who share your interests is simple and smooth. They even have a recommendation feature that suggests to you other users who you might want to follow. Furthermore, don't forget their search function. It's a very effective tool to find people interested in certain topics. A simple search using a keyword or phrase can show you hundreds of people talking about that keyword.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn is being touted as the social networking site for professionals. This is due to the fact that majority of its users are indeed professionals - businessmen, online entrepreneurs, internet marketers, freelance writers, copywriters, doctors, social media consultants, teachers, you name it. LinkedIn is a great place to find possible business partners and collaborators. You can also use it to market your skills and services.

YouTube - You cannot escape the presence of YouTube. Everywhere you go online, YouTube videos are everywhere. From blogs, to forums, to networking sites. YouTube videos are the most ubiquitous videos online. This speaks a lot about the video-sharing site's popularity and influence. With that said, it is something you should be taking advantage of. Just shoot videos of you and your business and put them out there. It's as simple as that. You need to make sure though that the videos you make have a professional look in them and that they convey what your business is all about.

These are the best sites to implement your social media marketing strategies. You can of course make use of other sites but it's best that you start with any of the ones mentioned above.
by Kellie Purden
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