When Your Hard Drive Needs ReplacingWhen Your Hard Drive Needs Replacing

Replacing a hard drive is a lot less trouble than you might think. It might even be easier than MacBook screen repair or HTC repair. There are several reasons for getting a replacement hard drive. Sometimes your hard drive malfunctions and you are basically left with no computer. Other times the hard drive is just too small to handle the programs you are running and the amount of information you are storing. Some people head straight to a big box store where they can handle the problem for them, for several hundred dollars in addition to the cost of the hard drive itself. You can save a great deal of money just by doing it yourself. All you need is a screwdriver, a new hard drive, and a lot of nerve.

Start by saving your data on an external hard drive. You should have been doing this all along, but it is especially important before opening up your computer. Once everything is stored, turn off your computer, unplug it, and disconnect all of the cables. Make sure you are working on a stable, flat surface. Make sure you take care of the static electricity around you and on your hands. This is done by touching the metal ports on the computer. Now, use your screwdriver to pry open the box.

The current hard drive is located on the left side of the open box. Disconnect the cables and unscrew the screw holding it into the case. Slide it out of your computer. There are four screws on each of the carrier's sides. Remove these and then pull the drive from the carrier. Now, you can slide the new drive into the carrier. Install it with the four screws by doing the opposite of what you did to remove the old drive.

Replace it inside of your computer and reconnect the cables. There is a power and ribbon cable, so you will need to attach both. Once everything is screwed back into place, you can return the cover to the box. You will now reinstall the monitor wires to the computer and plug the machine back into the electrical outlet.

You can now turn the power on. If everything has been done correctly, it should power up without a problem. If it does not start, unplug everything and redo each step. This time you will be removing and replacing the new drive since you are completely finished with the old drive. If your computer does not restart after trying installation again, you might have purchased a faulty hard drive. Handling this process yourself, or any computer issue, might not always be the perfect solution. Even the most experienced at-home computer users might have issues with some projects. However, whenever you are able to fix a computer program on your own, you are saving money. If you have serious concerns about a computer project, it is always better to contact a professional, just to avoid creating more damage to the machine you are trying to fix.
by Stewart Wrighter
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