Wholesale Shirts-The Big FactorsWholesale Shirts-The Big Factors

Many retailers of wholesale shirts have appeared on the market recently. Apart from the conventional shops, e-commerce has become quite popular among both sellers and buyers. Nonetheless, you should do some research before buying so that you get the best out of your shopping experience.

Cheap and knock-off shirts:
With the ever-increasing popularity of some well-known shirt brands, some sly manufacturers have hit the scene too. Not only do they manipulate the brand name to falsely maximize their market share and profits, but some even go so far as to use the entire brand name for their replica shirts (e.g. Bonanza, Armani, and especially the Turkish shirt brands). With wholesale shirts, there is an even greater probability that such replicas are present, and picking out the original ones from the heap can be a grim task.

Here the only thing that can help you determine which are the authentic shirts and which the knock-offs, is the high quality of authentic shirts. It's recommended that you make sure that the shirt you are buying is made by the genuine brand. Check the stitching - it must be fine, even and strong. Any loose spot of stitching and the alarm bells should go off! Check the quality of the fabric. One hundred percent cotton can easily be identified from mixed fabrics. Most reputed brands often use just one kind of fabric, and not a blend of two. So you can pick out the original fairly easily by noting the high quality fabric.

Most importantly, look at the brand's label and sticker on the shirt. First look at the original label either on your own original shirts, or on the original website of the particular brand. Once you have a fair idea of what the original looks like, go look at the one on the shirt you are buying-- carefully look at the color, font and size, etc. Considering the current occurrences of knock-offs on the market, most renowned brands have made visible signs on their logos that can help people identify the original brand.

Online versus Conventional wholesalers:
As mentioned above, online wholesale shirt retailers are becoming popular with people. One of the major reasons for this ever-rising preference is the fact that online wholesale shirts are available at more affordable prices as compared to the conventional outlets. This is because online sites can expand their market globally without forming physical outlets in a second country. The increased revenue resulting from a wider customer base, plus the decreased costs of not having sales staff would mean that the savings would be transferred to the final consumer in the form of considerably lower rates. These online stores also have the advantage of not requiring any large land area for the operation of their business. On the downside, the distribution costs could be higher, and buyers may have to bear the additional expense of shipping (should the online store not provide free shipping to certain parts of the world).

Conventional wholesalers, on the other hand, are experiencing a decline in popularity with customers. Even though they receive the same cash discounts from the manufacturers, it is not reflected in the final consumer price. One reason for this could be the fact that these conventional wholesalers have to bear the extra expenses of employing staff, utility bills, etc. To include a much wider range of shirts, they need to acquire large premises, which in turn increase the rental expenses. Online wholesalers can do this with much more ease, and so they become the prevailing trend. All in all, online shopping is recommended for buying wholesale shirts.
by Harley John
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