Great Communication And Couples SwappingGreat Communication And Couples Swapping

When it comes to couples swapping, knowing how to communicate with your partner and the other couple is imperative. You should already be starting out with open lines of communication, but here are some tips to guide you along the way as well.

Naming The Place

When you need to talk about something serious, you don't go to a ball game or to the movies, do you? It really is all about location.

If you and your partner need to discuss something, then you will want to find somewhere that is quiet and private. The fewer distractions the better. Of course, restaurants are a nice way to give your selves a distraction in case the talk becomes difficult, but you will have to factor in the presence of the wait staff.

If you decide to talk at a restaurant, then I would recommend letting the waitress or waiter know that you have some important things to discuss and that you would like to be disturbed as little as possible.

They will understand and go to great measures to accommodate you?but only if you ask.

The quieter the setting, the less distracted you will be, so find a nice secluded corner. And then begin to talk.

If you wish to talk somewhere else, I would recommend a neutral setting. Perhaps there is a park nearby where you could take a walk.

These suggestions work great for all relationships as well as with the other couples and well.

The Importance Of Time

Finding a time where you will not feel rushed is also important to having a good couples swapping conversation. You don't want to have anywhere to go when you need to talk.

Sometimes it might take some time to broach a difficult subject, so you need to feel free to wait until you are ready to say what you want.

You will also want to set up any childcare conditions to support the large timeframe. Be sure to let the sitter know that you aren't sure when you will be back, but will call when you know when you will be leaving.

Give Everyone A Turn

There's an old book that talked about handing a shell to everyone when they wished to speak. Although you don't need to use a shell, you want to make sure that everyone has a chance to talk without being interrupted.

You can do this by starting off with one person. This person will talk until they feel that they are finished and then another person will talk. This continues until everyone had said what is on their mind.

At this point, you can begin to react to things that other people said in a gentle way. Accusations or harsh words will not help in a difficult situation.

Listen Up

Making sure that you understand the person who is speaking is the key to creating useful dialogue. Repeat what they have said if you're not sure about something. Perhaps they can clarify their meaning.

Actively listen before you figure out what you are going to say.

by Julia Tanner
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