Why A DMARC Record Is Crucial For Avoiding Spam And Phishing ProblemsWhy A DMARC Record Is Crucial For Avoiding Spam And Phishing Problems

Phishing and spam attacks are an everyday occurrence across the Internet. This can be challenging for preserving quality brand awareness when emailing is essential in maintaining relationships with consumers. The authentication process for outbound mail is crucial for protecting the company brand. Because of that, many companies turn to a DMARC record to inform their ISP (Internet service provider) how to handle sent mail that fails authentication. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) allows email senders to work in unison with mailbox providers and either reject or quarantine any email that is not properly authenticated. In fact, it offers mailbox providers a workable mechanism to provide feedback to the sender of how their email authentication program is working.

The Need for DMARC

Companies and end-users suffer daily from the huge amount of phishing and spam sent over the Internet. While many methods and approaches have been introduced to identify spam and spoof mail, DMARC has become the standard. The mechanism provides a variety of solutions to the problem. These include:

• Signals the receiver that the email is authenticated
• Provides an online address set up to gather feedback about legitimate or illegitimate messages on the domain
• Creates policies on what to do when emails fail authentication

Every domain owner deploying email authentication can use the DMARC checker when set to “monitor mode” as an effective tool for collecting data from receivers. The data indicates all legitimate traffic that has passed authentication checks. The system provides a streamlined process where the sender and receiver gain more confidence for all emails sent and accepted. The system can instantly reject any message that fails verification.

DMARC solutions offer significant benefits to businesses that send emails. These benefits include:

• Automated Feedback – Email senders can receive instant feedback from any mailbox provider detailing all email not passing authentication. This action improves the visibility of all sent email.
• Eliminates Spoofing – Direct domain spoofing is eliminated along with the impact of fraudulent and phishing email messages sent to end-users.
• Establish Policies – DMARC solutions help develop and implement consistent policies with ISP receivers. The policies govern how messages are handled when failing or passing authentication.
• Improve Trust Levels – DMARC enhances trust levels because the sender protects their brand. This encourages trusted email engagement, enhances brand reputation, and increases customer lifetime value.

As the ideal solution for email senders and receivers to share information, a DMARC record improves email authentication infrastructures to ensure that all messages being sent have been authenticated before delivery. In fact, it gives legitimate owners of specific Internet domains a solution for requesting any illegitimate message including phishing, spoofed spam and junk mail to be redirected to the end user’s spam folder or simply rejected.

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