3 Success Secrets To Learning English!3 Success Secrets To Learning English!

Don’t you wish to have a better grip over your English communication skills? Well, in today’s day and age, who doesn’t? English is a language that has established itself beyond bounds and hence has come to be known as an international language. If you are someone who is equipped with amazing communication skills, you’re bound to feel confident and at ease throughout every conversation, you land yourself into.

However, everyone needs some hints and tips, some secrets and surprises. Whether you have the thirst to learn English to do business, talk to friends, or simply to enjoy meeting and greeting new people; this is an article that will benefit you immensely.

Secret 1

Understand your potential- You should never underestimate yourself! Anyone can become good in English and so can you! It is not the race that matters, it is the battle. Where you are born doesn’t matter; how much heart and soul you put into learning the language is what counts and what will give you the results. Speaking in English more often will double the rate at which you learn fluent English. Engrave and believe in the fact that it’s not where you are born, it’s how you think that makes a difference.

Secret 2

Believe in the fact that English is easy- If you are among those few who consider English to be a difficult language, then stop! This way you will never learn English. The key to being a good learner is by realizing the undeniable fact that ‘English is easy’! It is the skill that should be worked upon and taken into consideration. Did you know, your thinking could negatively or positively influence your learning of the language? Well, that’s true and hence be very careful of what you think about English. Also, make earnest efforts by making use of English as your primary conversation lingo.

Secret 3

Set a deadline or goal- Laying yourself on a time specific deadline is bound to have you working towards a specific goal. Without a goal, no matter how hard you try, all your efforts will go in vain. You should acknowledge the fact that for a promotion or a salary hike, you will need to have the best and top-notch English communication skills as possible. So, do not lay back and give yourself ample of loose time to waste, tighten the time frame and watch yourself achieve the goal as well as reap the benefits endlessly.


Learning fluent English speaking is something that should eventually develop into your passion. This will certainly give your aim a hike in direction and a speed to meet up to. While practicing and conversing in English, you will make mistakes; however, do not let people deter your motivation. Speak up and be proud of your improved spoken English.
by Satish Poman
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Satish Poman is a prolific Mumbai-based freelance writer who writes on numerous topics including English speaking courses, Success tips, Education and English learning tips, to name a few.
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