5 Secrets To Develop Your English Speaking Fluency5 Secrets To Develop Your English Speaking Fluency

English is a smart man’s language, nonetheless, acquiring and getting acquainted with a language with this magnitude is a cakewalk. Surprised? Don’t be! If you’re still wondering as to how to improve spoken English; drifting you away from the rather conventional language learning techniques, we present to you an article that will turn your can’t into can and lack of skills into proficient communication skills. Adhering to the fact that by now your curiosity would know no bounds, we hope you have an interesting read, as you read on.

Unleashing the secrets to improve spoken English:

1. Create your own news diary- One of the most fun-filled and personalized approach towards learning any language is maintaining an event recording diary for yourself. What you could do is, jot down all the ongoing activities of your day-to-day life in the form of a story. After doing so, read through what you’ve written and correct the mistakes, if any. This does answer your skeptical question as to How to speak in English fluently, doesn’t it?

2. Write reviews- Get active on the internet and explore websites that allow you to leave a review or any feedback. Ensure to have visited the place, store or restaurant before filling in your review. Also, know that this is a great way of unintentionally practicing your communication skills, gradually leading to a development in your English speaking fluency.

3. Watch your native language films- Confused? Well, yes. You should start watching your native language films with subtitles in English. This will give you a fair idea of how the language is used while conversing. Aim at watching the film, also reading along the subtitles and following the movie in English as far as possible. Another interesting way could be, watching English films with subtitles of your native language.

4. Get a partner in crime- Just like you wish to learn English fluently, there are many others who wish to learn your native language. You could spend some time and effort in finding such an individual and then plan and chalk out a few meetings with him/ her to exchange your knowledge of the language. Remember, an exchange of information requires a give and take; so be prepared to give and open enough to take.

5. Head out clubbing- Yes. Who said learning a language needed to be monotonous and boring! Snap out of it and go out partying with your native English speaking friends. Doing so on a regular basis or frequently could assist you in attaining a fluency without you even knowing that you’re improving with every passing day. Fun? Of course it is.

So, come on guys, iron out those forehead creases and begin your language learning on a fresh note. Decide how many hours of dedicated hard work are you going to invest, based on which you could also consider enrolling in an English course online. However, ensure you live up to your own expectations, to say the least.

All the very best!
by Satish Poman
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Satish Poman is a prolific Mumbai-based freelance writer who writes on numerous topics including How to Improve English, Success tips, Education and English learning, to name a few.
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