The Top 5 Tricks Businesses Use To Control The GovernmentThe Top 5 Tricks Businesses Use To Control The Government

To the unassuming eye, the world of Government lobbying is a very unknown one. It is the job of the lobbyist to persuade and influence the decisions of the government, usually done in secret and behind very guarded doors. Because of this, many people are surprised to hear how big a part lobbying plays in, not just politics, but in UK politics.

However, lobbying is an extremely difficult job and one that demands skill, patients and a very strong nerve. Government lobbyists are employed by big businesses usually to make money, however they may be employed to change government opinion on a whole host of things such as:

- use of nuclear energy

- change in tax

Or any other political topic that may have an impact on a business - but don't be fooled, the government are extremely privy to the notion of lobbying, especially when it comes to politics! Below are the top 5 tricks used by big businesses to control the government.

1. Be assertive

Whatever it is that lobbyists are aiming to achieve, their key skill is being able to control any debate they enter into. By being experts in certain areas this means that whichever topic a debate may touch upon they will have enough expert opinion and knowledge to successfully turn it around and back onto a subject they feel confident in.

2. Know when to make use of government public relations

The world of public relations is imperative to almost everyone that is in the public eye - this goes for government lobbyists. Public relations, if done properly, can be great publicity, however if done incorrectly it can cause mass confusion and upset within the public. The trick for government lobbyists is to project one same, strong message that the public can believe in.

3. Make use of the media and the internet

Using a government relations firm is one of the ways that the government regulates what information is placed in the media. Just like the government, lobbyists also use the media to publicise their policies and beliefs.

4. Build trust

Trust is a key factor for a government lobbyist, however it is also extremely important for the government to build trust with businesses. One way that the government builds trust with businesses is with government consultant firms. These are often used to set up and regulate business contracts with whom they will receive a certain service. An example of a business contract would be with manufacturers and the military.

5.  Use your critics

This may sound extremely strange but often government lobbyists look to their critics for advice and often encourage critics to communicate their opinions. This shows lobbyists in a positive light as they can be openly seen to be taking on board critics' opinions.

So as you can see there are many tips and tricks which government lobbyists use to influence policies or laws that are passed in the UK. These same tricks are used by government lobbyists all over the world.

by Ben Fox
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