111 The Calling111 The Calling

A task has been thrust upon me to spread a calling. And if you read the book, 111 The Path, you would know by now that part of the calling is my own doing. It's something I wished for before I came to the physical dimension (or at least that's what I was told). In my wildest dreams, I couldn't have imagined a path such as this. Throughout my life, I've pushed toward other destinies only to end up with this one. I have no reason to doubt the purpose for the calling, since I find it as pure as one could hope for.

For those who doubt this, I assure you I've not been asked to carry out any evil deeds, nor have I been asked to persuade people to join a religious movement. What I was simply asked to do is spread the word that something else is out there, something beyond what current religions have been telling us for the past several thousand years.

So why this calling? Why not leave things as is? And what does it mean? All justifiable questions. Let's take first things first. The calling is intended to unite us as humanBeings. Now it's not a call for everyone on the face of the earth (though if everyone did answer the call, what a great planet this would be). It's a calling for open-minded people who are ready to take a step to better their lives in this world and the next.

The calling is, in its essence, a nudge to bring us like-minded souls together under one umbrella so we have the collective strength to stand our ground against those who do not accept our beliefs or ways of thinking.

So who are these open-minded individuals? They're people like you and I who dare to ask, question, search for, reject and accept new and verifiable findings, even if they're at odds with the status quo.

How many are we? You'll be surprised to discover that we are many even though we are not united. We are scattered all over the world with no theme, no common goal, and no power to oppose those who wish us silenced. This is the main purpose for our calling: to unite us as a formidable yet peaceful movement, although not one that lies down when attacked.

So why now? Why can't we leave things as is? The answer is simple. We can no longer allow other people's beliefs to slow us down. Many faiths all over the world affect us in one way or another, whether impacting businesses across the globe through the influence of their followers, or allowing wars to rage across continents over senseless beliefs, or through politics that cater to needy religious groups. You see, even though many of us see very clearly and understand life in a logical way, we'll still be adversely affected by these things since we lack the impermeable union that binds other groups. We must unite if we're to overcome the confinement of religious systems that have been foisted upon us against our will. And when we do, more and more souls will finally be able to free themselves from the chains that religions have put on them as well.

If you have not read the book, perhaps this is a good moment to reveal that this knowledge comes from higher beings who tell us how to behave so we can truly prosper. They have an advantageous point of view that allows them to clearly see the results of our behavior. They tell us it's important that we obey the Ten Commandments, not because they are "religiously" right, but because they are the path to growing ourselves in the afterlife. We do not need the fear of God to make us follow the Commandments. We do it because it's right.

If you have the urge to look for new understanding, then you're on the right path. The Path tells us to continue our search. It tells us to embrace the gifts God bestows on us and not be afraid to use them.

So what does this all mean? It means this is the beginning of a new you. By answering the call, you'll be able to accept life experiences with a better understanding, and as you do, you become better here and in the afterlife.

How do we answer the call? Well, we never allow it to turn into a religion. We each make our own path; we unite with others who make their own paths; and we unite under a common ideology without ever giving absolute power to one individual. We open our hearts to those who wish to evolve and stand strong in the face of those who wish us gone.

How do we start? By following the guidelines we're given from our spiritual mentors and figuring out the rest as we continue our journey on the path.

When you answer the call, your journey will begin. And on the path, everything looks better.

by Guy David Uriel
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Written by Guy David Uriel in the Spirit of The Path. The Path is not a new spiritual way. It's not a new discovery. In fact, it's as old as creation itself. It's the true way for humans to continue evolving. Learn more at http://www.pathian.org To read the Book go to http://www.111thepath.com
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