Have You Seen 111?Have You Seen 111?

I kept seeing the number "111" for many years, before I ever started conversing with the spirits. At first, I was amused with the coincidental nature of it all. I thought of how intriguing it was to constantly see 111 in such varied places, from clocks to license plates to my media player magically stopping at one minute and 11 seconds. I must confess it took me a while to understand that this was no coincidence; perhaps it was my sense of rationality that hindered me from accepting the powers behind the number's meaning.

My point of view started changing when the numbers began appearing at a greater frequency. I noticed my attention was diverted to view the numbers at exactly the right time - often seconds before they would switch to another set of numbers. But the final straw that lead me to search for the meaning of it all was when I came home to find several clocks (including the stove clock, which we never bothered to set) all showing a time of 10:11 when, in fact, it was after 3 pm. The mystery intensified when I realized two battery-powered clocks that were almost always accurate showed this time, too.

Using logic, I tried to figure out ways the clocks could all being showing the same time, but whichever way I tried, I hit a brick wall. Battery-powered clocks wouldn't be affected by a power outage and a stove with a digital face blinks "12:00" after an outage until you change it. Perhaps someone set the time to trick me? Not likely since my schedule is unpredictable and my return home is never the same.

Although puzzled by this incident, it quickly faded from memory as my wife and son forced me to resume our normal daily routine. The next day when I returned home (at a different time from the previous day), I found myself again staring at the same phenomenon! The night before, I set all the battery-powered clocks to the proper time, only for them to again display 10:11 upon my arrival! Okay, enough. This time, I had to find answers.

What does it mean? Why the combination of "1-1-1?" When I searched online, I realized this phenomenon was common to many people all around the world and that I was not the only one trying to find the meaning of it. I read many interpretations, and I must say I was not satisfied with any of them.

For many years, this phenomenon followed me everywhere I went. Over time, it developed into other triplet combinations like "222" and "333." It also appeared in more peculiar ways that made me realize this message must be from an unseen power that has the ability to divert my attention in order to show me the numbers. But to what purpose I didn't know.

The more I spoke of this phenomenon, the more I realized that some of my friends had experienced it as well. And like me, they didn't know the purpose behind it either. It was time for me to figure out the meaning of the messages I had been receiving for so long. That said, I first had to accept that someone or something was actually conveying a message to me. So I started talking to them. I requested guidance. And as I kept on talking, I realized deep down inside of me that they need each individual who is seeing the numbers to do something. This something is not necessarily the same for each person, but is nevertheless all part of the same destiny.

But how can one find what it is he or she needs to do? I already know my destiny, my path. I already understand the meaning of 111. I know now that seeing the numbers was my preparation for the spirits to talk to me. It prepared me for the journey ahead. But what is it that you need to do? Why do you see the numbers? Since there are so many of you who see them, it's up to you to figure it out for yourself like I did. But don't despair. There is a way.

You must first accept that you're not alone; that you're getting help from spirits just like mine who watch you go about your daily life, waiting to assist you when you ask for it. Since my sources are very reliable, I will request more information to help us figure it out and will disclose in future articles how to talk with and receive answers from your spirits guides. I realize why I see 111, and now it's your duty and privilege to figure out why you do (as hard as it might be).

For now, however, I will leave you with a general understanding of what the main purpose for 111 is. 111 is a calling to act. It's a call to unite under the same understanding, to advance and to evolve.

To understand why you see 111 and other triplet numbers while others don't, read the article, "Why I See 111 While Others Don't."

by Guy David Uriel
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Written by Guy David Uriel in the Spirit of The Path. The Path is not a new spiritual way. It's not a new discovery. In fact, it's as old as creation itself. It's the true way for humans to continue evolving. Learn more at http://www.pathian.org To read the Book go to http://www.111thepath.com
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