Why Do We Need To Know That The Afterlife Exists? (And What Is It Like There?)Why Do We Need To Know That The Afterlife Exists? (And What Is It Like There?)

Throughout human history, we've been fascinated by the idea that the soul will survive the physical body's demise. This belief sprung a never-ending debate between those who wished to validate that claim and those who wished to invalidate it. The afterlife has piqued minds from Ancient Egypt, where shamans spoke of traveling to other worlds as if they had been there firsthand, to the modern West, where an undying fascination with psychics and mediums tempts us with a glimpse into the unknown.

Today, people find themselves defending vastly divergent viewpoints on the subject matter. Organized religions say we shouldn't doubt the authenticity of their holy books, and therefore shouldn't test or question the existence, manner and purpose of the afterlife either. Mainstream science and atheists say the existence of the afterlife should not be sought at all due to the obvious absurdity of such claims, as any search for something fictional would be to admit it has some probability.

Where does this drive to debate the afterlife come from? Moreover, why do most of us need to know whether the afterlife exists? The answer is simple: Fear. Specifically, fear of the unknown. We're afraid that life on this tiny planet has no meaning if it simply ends with the darkness of non-existence. We want assurance that our lives somehow continue. We want a glimpse of what that afterlife is like. We want to remove the fear.

In my book 111 The Path, I details my conversations with spirits from the afterlife. Through them we learn that life does not end with death, and that death is merely a transition to a place where many paths of existence open up (albeit not necessarily better ones), thereby offering us an opportunity to evolve through them. Like others who claim to speak with spirits, I can't present no hard physical evidence confirming the existence of the afterlife. All I can do is relate my experiences, conversations and the imagery I've received. The believing part is up to you.

Humans have always been fascinated with the unknown. I doubt there's a person alive today who wants to live in a world where everything is known - where we're denied the use of gifts that God has bestowed on us like curiosity and inquisitiveness. If God revealed himself to us, how would that affect organized religion and individual faith? What if science had all the answers? What if the afterlife's existence was an incontestable fact? What if we knew the purpose of the afterlife as it relates to the grand scheme of our existence? The answer is, you don't want to know for a fact that it exists. Why? Because it will remove the purpose of our existence in the physical world by blocking our necessary experiences, thereby blocking our spiritual evolution. Can you imagine living life with no fear? Not being afraid of death? What life would that be? Let that settle in for a moment.

I'm currently working on my second book, which will cover the subject of the afterlife. To be clear, that was not part of the original plan. My intention was only to ask the spirits about things that could happen in the physical dimension; but because you have a strong say on the routes my conversations take, and since I have to admit my thirst for this knowledge is often unquenchable, I decided to concentrate on this subject before we moved on.

The spirit guides understand our thirst for answers; after all, we're one and the same. But they also warn us not to get too fixated on the destination. The paths themselves, both here and there, have so much to offer. Since it would take eons for technology to bridge the gap between the dimensions, it is best to concentrate on what's important: our life here. Family, friends, business and spirituality all contribute to our continued journey through the afterlife.

So what's it like there? How do we get there? How do we get back? Do we have family there? What do we do for fun? What does it look like? Are there destinations beyond the afterlife? All these questions will be answered in my next book. Just know that the afterlife is not what you're likely accustomed to. It's not a place of serenity where the sky is always blue, birds chirp in happiness, harp music fills the air, and everybody lives in perfect harmony. However, through my conversations, I've learned that the afterlife is still a great place that shares many similarities to our dimension and is just as diverse. For now, I will leave you with this revelation: you personally have the power to decide whether the afterlife is a path or a destination.

by Guy David Uriel
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Written by Guy D. Uriel in the Spirit of The Path. The Path is not a new spiritual way. It's not a new discovery. In fact, it's as old as creation itself. It's the true way for humans to continue evolving. Learn more about The Path http://www.pathian.org Read the Book at http://www.111thepath.com
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