Apple Is Once Again The Maker Of Top Smartphone On The MarketApple Is Once Again The Maker Of Top Smartphone On The Market

Apple Proves Once Again That It Has The Top Smartphone On The Market

Have you considered why the iPhone happens to be the top smartphone out there today?

Well, we took a long look into everything available for purchase and discovered that the explanation is that Apple is seamless in their brand. They integrate well with all their software and have outstanding hardware to match.

From customer service to outstanding price plans and super technologies, Apple has it all every mobile launch.

Having looked at all of the aspects that differentiate the Samsung Galaxy s5 to the HTC One to Amazon's Fire Phone and everything in-between, what we've discovered is the fact that the top smartphone on the market today belongs to Apple!

What are the standards we used to decide that Apple ensures the best new smartphones?

Here's the list of reasons to support our claim:

1. While Apple updates their smartphones less than every couple years, they do so with MAJOR improvements.

Think about it, in 2012, the iPhone 5 was released and was a huge upgrade of both the size and processor speed from the iPhone 4.

Parallel to that today and what you'll find is that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were both released in 2014 with huge upgrades and improvements.

2. Software that is easy to use, technology and App integration that are seamless with their existing software.

Apple builds into their iPhone brand a suite of major Apps that will sync up rapidly with their other devices. This smooth integration helps make it simple and easy to setup, use and cut costs on several platforms from Apple.

3. Exceptional customer care is perhaps one of Apple's greatest strengths.

From their 'Apple Care' 24-hour online help to coordinate with in-store service, Apple makes it as easy as possible to trouble shoot any potential issues.

From incredible upgrades, to easy to use software and great customer support, Apple integrates all three to help make their brand one of the best new smartphones every time.

So Apple Is A Vertical Company. But How Does That Make The iPhone The Top Smartphone In The Marketplace?

Well, if you're looking for the best deals with exceptionally quick processors that also comes with high-resolution picture and video, you need to think about the iPhone brand. If you aren't interested in any of that, I'm sure the antiquated LG clamshell flip-phone is still available for you.

Consider it in this way - Apple creates the newest phones that are simple to buy, to operate and utilize with multiple other devices like your computer or laptop or tablet.

If you also added on top Apple's competitive pricing, you'll see that the iPhone is the best of the best.

Apple's top-of-the-line iPhones will cost well below many of their rivals phones and as Apple also provides a typical 2-year service deal, the price becomes even more reasonable.

From price structure to highlighting the latest technologies renovations and amazingly simple installation and use, Apple's iPhone brand happens to be the top smartphone brand that you can buy and actually has been for quite some time.

by Laszlo Burgess
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Laszlo is a contributor at, a review site for everything from the newest brands to cell phones of yesterday. Http:// looks at all the information available to give you the best reports, suggestions and tips to help make purchasing one of the best new smartphones an easy choice for you!
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