The Evolution Of My Cell PhoneThe Evolution Of My Cell Phone

In 2009, I had a basic flip phone and thought I had something. I couldn't text, had no apps , or internet. I switched companies that I worked for that year. I was introduced to a new phone about two weeks later. It was called an Iphone. The Iphone had apps. I could text and I had the internet.

You have to understand. This is a person that was impressed just to have a cell phone that could make calls. Being able to put a gold case on my phone was impressive. You have to also understand that I do like new gadgets. I am a learning techie. I like new technology. It just takes me awhile to learn it.

Anyway, I have an Iphone now. I am an Iphone ambassador. That actually changed my way of living. I never had down time anymore. My work e-mail was on my phone. I was in the loop on everything. There was an app for just about anything you could want. It was only a simple search to look for one.

I would pick up all apps that were free. If I liked the way they worked, I would upgrade. If you could design a popular app, that would be a great way to earn some extra income. I'm sure the guy that created the "Angry Birds" app would agree with me. I got hooked on my phone.

When I went to appointments, I did not mind waiting as long as it didn't impact work. I go to the waiting room and start surfing. First, I check on my email and get it updated. If I was looking for something to buy, I would search Ebay and I could also just jump on a game. The phone is also a great conversation starter. If people aren't texting, they are willing to talk about an app or a game they are playing.

The downside about enjoying your phone is that you always want more. At the time, I had an Iphone 3G. Each upgrade of the Iphone made me want another. There was some financial impact to each upgrade. Very few of the upgrades were even exchanges. If it was an even exchange, it would add another two years to your existing contract. If you have a good cell phone carrier, that is not a big deal. If you are not impressed, you have to think before upgrading. I am a techie wannabe. This did not stop me from upgrading.

I did notice with Apple that I was constantly paying for something extra. Of course, I never have to worry about any internet security issues with Apple. If I wanted a ring tone, normally I would have to buy it. If I wanted music, I would have to buy it. If I wanted to change themes on my phone, it wasn't possible because I had to jailbreak the phone. All in all, I was happy with my Apple until one day my teenage son came home bragging on an android. I will catch you up with my next short story comparing the Iphone to the android.

by Geo Clark
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