The Secret To Finding Your Article Content Generator In YouTube VideosThe Secret To Finding Your Article Content Generator In YouTube Videos

If like me you oftentimes get a little dizzy when researching content for articles, perhaps some visual aid is in order to help you get rid of that writers block so you can get on with the task of writing with new impetus and flair. I for one had never imagined in a million years that this is something I would ever even consider, never-you-mind get involved in. Whilst penning articles for a client, however, I stumbled upon YouTube as a good article content generator, and I haven't looked back. Believe you me this resource is infinite. It has so much potential and is so easy to use. This article will talk you through the process of finding the right videos to draw content from and how to compose your articles off the back of that. It's really very easy when you put it on this very simple assembly line.

Most good YouTube videos aren't scripted, so that in itself makes whatever you hear easier to write in your own words... because it's spoken to you. Unlike article rewriting which basically takes written content from its original form to the rewritten version of the same, videos give you a lot more scope with generating content that's fuller and more spoken-from-the-heart. I find videos tend to trigger ideas--way beyond the video you're watching--which certainly does help in generating a more original angle to your articles. So how then do we go about using an article content generator such as this to putting the spoken word off of YouTube to the written article? Let's take a closer look.

The first thing you'll want to do is run a search on YouTube for the relevant keyword based on the topic you want to write about. This will bring up countless results for you to take a look at. Now let me caution you here. You have to be very selective. Anything that looks like an outright commercial or hard-sell DOESN'T have content you want for an article. Because all they're doing is trying to sell you something. What you need to be looking for are the simpler, more personal type videos by people sharing something with you in a more chatty and informal manner. THAT is where your article content generator lies!

So, you've found what you like and now you want to hear what they have to say in your niche. Ideally, run the video through to the very end before you decide whether or not its content is for you. Or for example, you might like some of the content but may want to research for more ideas from someplace else and then combine the two ideas to fit your angle. Never limit yourself to anything. If your YouTube article content generator triggers an idea that's a departure from what you had initially planned to research...then by all means go for it! Sometimes a sentence or even a word can trigger an angle you had not planned for--which happens to me all the time. Those are your creative juices at work for you. Don't hold back, let the juices flow. They'll likely lead you to a brilliant idea for your article. When it comes to the potential of using YouTube videos as your personal article content generator, the sky truly is the limit.

by Anthony J. Namata
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Anthony J. Namata is the author of The Gems Report (How to Become an International Gemstone Dealer), and Blockbuster Articles... a handy-tips-guide on How to Turn a Dull Article into a Blockbuster!
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