What Is The European Commission And What Effect Does It Have On Businesses?What Is The European Commission And What Effect Does It Have On Businesses?

The European Commission is a group made up of 28 commissioners, one from every member state within the European union. The group of representatives changes every five years in order to ensure that new candidates are able to express their views and opinions. The commission itself comprises of 1 President, 7 Vice-Presidents and 20 commissioners, these roles are decided upon by a rigorous selection process in which the European council, the European parliament and all of its' members cast their vote. This is to ensure that there is an equal and fair selection process in which all member states are able to have a say with regards to the laws and legislations passed. It is then up to the member states to ensure that any new laws or legislations that are passed, are enforced.

The European Commission holds many different and varied job roles. There are many laws and legislations that are passed within the group that have a direct impact on all businesses, individuals, charities and companies operating within the EU. However, the main roles that are carried out are:

  • pass or change legislation
  • ensure that the EU laws and legislations are enforced
  • put in place a clear strategy to ensure that aims and objectives are met
  • represent the European Union

The impacts that the laws and legislations can have on businesses or companies operating within the EU are:

  • reforms with regards to taxation and budgets
  • new laws or legislations that may be passed which restrict or liberate the movement of businesses and companies
  • providing businesses with grants or support
  • changes to policies regarding employment, inflation or training

The effect that some of this legislation has on companies or businesses operating with the European Union can sometimes cause restrictions or changes that need to be made in order for the business in question to continue operating. Therefore, businesses often look to hire the work of an EU lobbying firm in order to try and change the opinions of key decision makers to either change or prevent certain laws or legislations from being passed.

Most of the time, this is an effective way of controlling the ways in which the EU Commission is able to control companies. However, sometimes there isn't anything that a lobbying firm can do and businesses are forced to make the necessary changes to comply with the laws and legislations or face not being able to operate within the EU. Many businesses operating within the EU also look to hire the work of European public affairs, again to ensure that they are represented within a positive light, not only in their nation state, but in other countries around Europe.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about the European Commission and the effect that this body has on businesses operating within the EU. Businesses or companies are sometimes able to restrict or enforce new legislation thorough hiring either a EU lobbyist or an EU public affairs firm, however this is something that needs to be approached with caution.

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