6 Key Reasons For Upgrading Your Mobile Apps6 Key Reasons For Upgrading Your Mobile Apps

Companies regularly release the latest and enhanced versions of their mobile operating system (OS) to fix the errors and bugs and include new features for the users. Similarly, it is essential to upgrade you mobile apps for their seamless functioning and to be abreast with the current technology trends.

Let us look at the reasons as well as the benefits of upgrading your mobile apps to the latest versions


The latest OS versions include a number of new and better features. By upgrading your mobile apps, you can reap the benefits of these features. Companies make an effort to make the Mobile OS more user-friendly with every new version. You can thus add useful and advanced features in you app. New releases include innovations, which can add value to your apps.

Essential features

A new OS version might come out with features that are in great demand from customers and significantly affect your business. For example some security or performance feature, which your users are waiting for, since long. Your apps might remain void of these features if you do not upgrade. To deliver value to your customers and to ensure user satisfaction, your business has to be on the path of continuous modernization.

Cost effectiveness

It is always better to upgrade to newer versions than investing in developing a new mobile application. Building a new app on the latest OS version can prove to be costly as well as risky. Your apps might not receive the same acceptability that they have received earlier. You can save your money by bringing technology modifications to your current application only, through this process. Upgrading is thus a cost-efficient way to avail all the benefits that the new OS offers.

Brand image

You can tarnish your brand image by not upgrading your mobile apps. You will tend to lose your customer-base as users are always looking for innovative and enhanced features. By updating your app to the latest technology, you will be able to stay ahead in this competitive market. You will even be able to meet the changing UI & UX needs of the users.

Bug fixes

With every new upgrade, there are bug and error fixes. Users do not like using applications running on old technology and having problems and errors. Mobile apps may have functional, usability and security bugs. You can eliminate these from your app through upgrades.

Compatibility issues

Sometimes it becomes essential to upgrade your application to make it compatible with the new operating system. Your apps might not work with the new OS, which makes it compulsory to follow the upgrade route.

Mobile app upgrading is thus of prime importance to involve and engage your users in your applications continuously. They might take a shift from your application to the one that has the most advanced features and works seamlessly and flawlessly. Therefore, upgrading to the latest technology is essential, which can help you to attain new levels and get a competitive edge.
by Disha Kakkad
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