Lifestyle Issues That Can Affect Fertility And ConceptionLifestyle Issues That Can Affect Fertility And Conception

For couples wanting to start a family, there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to conceive as soon as possible. What makes things worse is when medically there is nothing wrong with either of the spouses but still getting pregnant proves to be difficult. While there can be several reasons why couples face problems conceiving a child, lifestyle choices often play an important role here as well. Most people just don’t realize simple habits can lead to poor quality egg in case of a women or low sperm count in case of men.

Here are a few common lifestyle based issues that could be the reason why you may be facing difficulties in getting pregnant:

1) Lack of Exercise: When you meet a qualified physician or any medical professional for pregnancy related issues, chances are the first thing they will speak to you about is having an active lifestyle. Exercise is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to maintaining an optimum internal system for conceiving and sustaining pregnancy. Lack of proper exercise would lead to unhealthy eggs, irregular menstrual cycle etc. If you are having difficulties in getting pregnant, the first thing you need to do is create a proper routine for yourself that includes regular exercise. Basically you need to maintain an active lifestyle that may include taking up a sport, regular walks, cardio exercises etc. In fact exercise can treat other problems affecting pregnancy such as PCOS. Just remember, the healthier you are the better the chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

2) Smoking: Smoking not only creates havoc for your lungs but prolonged use can actually create adverse condition for getting pregnant. Smoking is one of the few vices that have multiple negative effects on the body and regular smokers may experience difficulties in conceiving a child. Smoking affects both men and women alike and ruins their reproductive systems. For men, smoking may lead to lower quality of sperm and for women; it can ruin the functions of the ovaries over time.

3) Handling stress: How you handle stress can also be a factor in getting pregnant. Stress usually has an impact on women as it can cause irregular menstrual cycles and some women may not achieve optimum ovulation to get pregnant. It is important when trying for a child that you keep your mental health as relaxed and stress free as possible. No matter what you may be going through, excessive worrying will just make things worse. Stress can also lead to other issues that impact pregnancy like overeating, smoking, maintaining an unhealthy diet etc.

4) Environment Issues: Sometimes it is not our own lifestyle or eating habits that cause infertility. The environment we are exposed to often plays a big role as well. It is possible that if your work place or any location that you have to visit often is exposed to pollution, harmful chemicals or even metals, then it may affect both sperm and egg quality in men and women respectively.  Try to understand the environment that you are in and find out if anything you are being exposed to regularly is causing problems in you getting pregnant.
by Dr Ariana Martins
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Dr Ariana Martins studies impact of natural and herbal remedies on infertility for both women and men. For more information regarding holistic natural fertility remedies, please visit
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