Are You Really Not Wasting Your Traffic As A Publisher/Webmaster? Are You Really Not Wasting Your Traffic As A Publisher/Webmaster?

Are you really not wasting your traffic as a Publisher/Webmaster?

In this age and time, traffic is real estate to any business online. It is the difference between profit or loss, business existence or fold-up. If you have it
already as a website owner, app owner or any other piece of infrastructure on the internet, congratulations!—what is your super power?

If I were to ask you, how satisfied are you, with your earnings from all your traffic, how confident will your answer be? Google adsense for instance,
arguably the most popular ad network on the internet, pays 51% for search ads delivered and 68% for content based, but the difference is in the

Assuming your site earned $100—which takes donkey years at times for some publishers—in total revenue over a while, the highest share that you
will get, if you are with Google adsense is $68 and that’s if it is not lesser and in some cases or niche, pitching your tent with them is a total was of your
real estate. Meanwhile, there are ad networks out there paying you as high as 90% from the revenue generated from your traffic. How much do you
think that will be? Information they say is power, and such detailed information about ad networks are all on

Having a good income stream on autopilot is not a bad idea after all, but how well do you know these ad networks is a question will help you

Some ad networks pay publishers per impressions and some pay per clicks, some ad networks with premium ads offering do have placement issues;
that is, there ads will be strategically placed on your website, usually above the fold, where their ads will not have to compete for visitors attention and
surely they charge advertisers premium for it, and they pay you premium as well. In addition, you will want to know the quality of ads accepted by these
ad networks and if they tally with the type of brand, you are trying to project.

Ad networks and publishers engage in a mutual relationship, some ad networks are better for a niche compare to others, in terms of quality of ads and
impressions or clicks as the case may be. In addition, some of these ad networks are based on demographics and some are not restrictive; they accept
publishers from all parts of the world.

The most important part for any publisher engaging with any ad network is the payment aspect—how sure are you of getting your money even after
earning. will let you know how reputable these ad networks are; how suitable for you, are their payment terms, when you want to
withdraw your money, and how and when they pay you if they eventually pay. will give you adequate information on various ad networks to help you conclude and finally choose, which one is best for you based on their
respective features, offers they run, where your traffic is coming from, the type of traffic you have for them to monetize and how there payment terms align
with your expectation.

It is unwise and a total waste of resources to choose an ad network without comparing them with what others have to offer. Although, you will know if you
want to continue with any ad network after a while, prior thorough side-by-side comparing with others will give you an edge.

by Julier Robert
References and Bibliography

This article based on my personal experience, after working as an SEO for 5 years, I turend to work as a full time Internet Marketer,
now I have over 10 years of experiencein in internet marketing, and affiliate marketing. I give you this article which explains the benifts of
Ad Network Directory with info gained over many years.

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