How A Las Vegas Chiropractic Office Helps Hip Pain Sufferers With Natural OptionsHow A Las Vegas Chiropractic Office Helps Hip Pain Sufferers With Natural Options

No-one should have to suffer hip pain, but unfortunately many of us do. Hip pain can be caused by tendon or muscle strain, pelvic misalignment, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, postural imbalances, slip-and-fall accidents or other traumatic injuries, or herniated discs causing nerve compression, and traditionally sufferers are offered prescription anti-rheumatic or anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery to help their pain. Las Vegas Chiropractic would like to tell you how we help hip pain sufferers by providing natural options:

- Our chiropractic doctors aim to ease the imbalances and muscle tightness that might be responsible for your pain by using myofascial release techniques to loosen up hip adductors, and other methods and exercises to correct spinal and hip misalignments. They will perform orthopedic, neurological, and muscle testing to help locate the exact cause of your problem.

- Did you know that the hip joint is the human body's largest joint? The hip joint contains cartilage, bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves which all work together. Because the hip is so complex, a number of conditions can combine with it to cause hip pain, including pinched nerves, muscle problems, issues with ligaments and tendons, arthritis, and developmental disorders in children. Sciatica and herniated discs are also frequent sources of hip pain as well

- Las Vegas Chiropractic doctors can help reduce joint inflammation, reduce muscle spasms, restore a more natural range of motion, correct misaligned bones, and help to strengthen weak muscles. Therapies include massage and stretching, and all natural ways to help muscle healing. Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment is needed to correct any misaligned bones

- Our staff at Las Vegas Chiropractic use EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and ultrasound, which can relieve muscle spasms and remove any pain signals that your nerves might be receiving. They also will recommend exercises that you can do at home to help ward off future pain

- Sometimes a chiropractor will need to align your spine, because a pinched nerve in your spine might be causing pain in your hip and leg

- Psoas muscle pain - Psoas muscles are very powerful muscles that oversee various movements in the hips and spine, and are a frequent source of hip pain. You need psoas muscles to bend, walk, sit, and other movements related to the hips, thighs, and lower back. A Las Vegas chiropractic doctor can treat these muscles and help to relieve your associated pain

- Las Vegas chiropractic doctors also treat femoral acetabular impingement (FAI) which is a sports-related injury that is becomingly increasingly more common in younger people. FAI develops in people who have spurs or bone abnormalities causing the ball of the femur to fit improperly in the hip socket. We provide chiropractic care for these patients and advise exercise therapies to help reduce acute pain.

Talking with your Las Vegas chiropractor will help ensure anaction plan is put into place to help you reach your wellness goals and live the life you love without pain and aches. Recommendations can be made to help ensure you don't keep suffering with unneeded hip and joint pain.

by Princess Cruz
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