Understand Database Design TechniquesUnderstand Database Design Techniques

The database  for HPI will be reusable from the context of updating of details with the cases. Basically the iterative approach offers the great opportunity for successful implementation of the database. This approach is selected as it is simple to understand, simple to use and will be deploy in shortest time. The database will be developed for the HPI with following phases: 

  • Feasibility Study
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Specification
  • Physical Design

  Feasibility study: feasibility study is conducted for HPI to store vehicles information. This is start with the definition of problem that is shared access of the database. The proposed system is completely feasible for the HPI database assignment help.  The feasibility study also includes the alternative option for the system. 

 Requirements Analysis: The requirement of the HPI is fulfilled after the investigation of the current system. Business system requirements are the main motive of this phase. The requirements of the HPI are basic but the result of this phase includes some more requirements for the proposed system. For example the car details will be provided to insurers but this process can be automated if the insurers’ database is dynamically verified by the HPI proposed database.  The result of this phase will be foundation for implementation of the database development. Basically the current methods is analysed to grab the latest requirements for the system. The requirements will be help in logical model. This analysis also results in the functional and non-functional requirements of the system. Functional requirements are those by which user access the database system and non-functional requirements are those by which user related indirectly i.e. database response time etc. The deliverable product foundation will be developed in this phase.

Requirements Specification: In this phase SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) Results will be achieved for the proposed database system for the HPI.  With this phase specific requirements are shortlisted that is what data to be stored in which table and what entities will contained by the which table are observed, for example vehicles details will be stored in three table, one table will contains the details of all vehicles, second contains the details of stolen vehicle and third will contain fraud claimed vehicles. It is the main phase of the HPI database development model as it results the final specification and after it we can further to database design. The specific requirements helps in the measurable amount of database size required for the system. The achievable requirements only be part of in final requirement catalogue. On the basis of the specified requirements database estimates are shown to the HPI firm.

Physical design: The logical design of the database system will be presented to the HPI firm, to start implementation. The logical design of database is the output of the SMART phase. Physical design of the database includes the mapping of the functional component. This phase has the dependency on the client for approval of the database design. it is clear statement of the database that includes storage amount, data structure, table relationships, technology to be used etc. the database architecture role will be start after this phase.

2.2       discuss entity-relationship modelling and normalisation

The entity-relationship model is the best data modelling technique with this diagram it is easy to design the database that results easy development procedure at the time of implementation. The entity relationship diagrams displays relationship with entity, attributes and their relative notions. The entities are independent and object of real world. Attributes defines each entity. For HPI database system the entities will reflect the following information system: 

  • Firm: This entity is developed to store the different firm. It has 4 attributes.
  • Insurer: This entity holds the details of insurer that insure the vehicle. It has 6 attributes that are respectively id, name, registration number, vehicle name, number and status.
  • Stolen vehicle: This entity holds the claims of stolen vehicles. It has 6 attributes i.e. vehicle colour, vehicle name, insurer id, purchase date and stolen date.
  • Fraud vehicle: This entity captures the vehicles with fraud claims. It has 5 attributes i.e. vehicle colour, vehicle name, vehicle id, purchase date, case date.
  • Driver: This entity holds the number of person drive the specific vehicle. It will be helpful for stolen and fraudulent case. It has 4 attributes id, name, criminal case, disqualified date. 

Normalisation is used reduce redundancy and increase data consistency. Normalization is the process of organising the data in the database with complete efficiency. For the database system of HPI normalization is a must process that is to be followed as lots of data will be inserted, retrieve and update. It will help in reduce the redundancy and increase the data consistency. This is important for HPI database system as it will manage the consumed database size and also validation is implementing as data will be stored in logical way.  

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