Benefits Of Conventional Guided Meditation TherapyBenefits Of Conventional Guided Meditation Therapy

Stress, anxiety, depression, fear and phobia followed by insomnia are the dramatic events that tangle the nervous system. Most common reasons that causes emotional disturbance would be financial problems, unsuccessful careers, marriage, death of loved ones, recalcitrant children, etc. Irrespective of reasons these unpleasant, in secular feelings stress up our situations and we end up taking out our frustrations on our closed ones. Eventually these are the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes. However these emotional disturbances are self created and worsens our nervous system and body.

Pharmaceutical drugs can help bounce back to normal life, but extreme care and research must be taken before or during using them because they are chemicals and may have known and unknown side effects after a long term use of those drugs. Not tested for long use neither cross tested with other drugs. Drugs don’t give permanent cure for disease; they just help in stabilizing the symptoms.

Conventional Guided Meditation therapy is mainly focused on brain science. Guided mediation is an energy healing therapy and is oldest practices known in the world today. Our mind is a throne to our emotions, thoughts, feelings and perceivings in fact it is being used every second. It works on law of belief; if its imagines something as true, it will automatically get attracted to it and consciously force our motions to believe and they get permanently registered in our subconscious mind.

Scientifically our mind can be divided in to two different functional parts but are connected deeply near the roots: the conscious and the subconscious mind. Conscious mind is responsible for reasoning; logical thinking controls our thoughts, rational evaluation and makes all daily life decisions. Whereas subconscious mind is subjective, it stores and retrieves our memories, habits, feelings, beliefs, emotions, all out thoughts and perceptions. Conscious mind controls, commands, directs and makes subconscious mind to understand and react to situation.

So why understand the essence of our conscious and subconscious mind?

Let’s think our mind as fertile land that grows what we sow, in our case it’s our habits, emotions, beliefs etc. seeds are thoughts, whatever may be the thoughts if our conscious mind starts to habitualize and emotionalizes, they gets synced in our subconscious mind and eventually gets implanted either as beautiful flower (gaiety memory) or as weed (miserable memory). As subconscious mind cannot do affirmations, it accepts whatever is repeatedly habituated and obeys conscious mind. Subconscious mind is filled sometimes with positive thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes but sometimes with negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions occupy our subconscious mind. These negative destructive thoughts get lodged deep inside our minds and in turn take a shape of petrifying circumstances affecting our physical and mental health.

Conventional Guided meditation therapy relaxes our subconscious mind by activating theta vibrations, generating positive waves there by convinces the subconscious mind to accept new thoughts. Continued sessions of Conventional Guided meditation therapy reinforces positive thoughts, in turn brings guidance, freedom and peace of mind to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.

A good conventional guided mediation lasts for 30-60 minutes. Effectiveness of treatment lies in balancing conscious and subconscious mind and of course in the hands of professional trainer.

by Dr.S.V Prasad
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Dr. S V Prasad Mono Vikas a leading clinic offering conventional Guided Mediation Therapy and is highly qualified, registered, licensed Allopathic Medical doctor and depression relief center. If you are looking for consultation for emotional problems Hyderabad visit our site.
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