White Hat Vs. Black Hat On The SEO FieldWhite Hat Vs. Black Hat On The SEO Field

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are two concepts that fly around almost all the time. We are talking about the Black Hat and White Hat concepts, both of them having something to do with the methods used for SEO. Would you like to know what the difference between the two of them is? Well, you should, because this difference can mean the world if you want to obtain long-term SEO results.

What is the difference between Black Hat and White Hat?

To start with, a difference is already mentioned by the colors in their names. White Hat is the good guy, the hero of SEO, while Black Hat is considered to be the villain, the one that tries to make easy earnings by performing scams. White Hat involves Internet marketing strategies that are creative and transparent, destined to satisfy the real needs and desires of the audience. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is looking to get fast results by using tricks and scams done behind closed curtains. These results will show, but they never last too much, a site using these methods being risked to be penalized by search engines and end up in earning the darkest corners of the Internet. With other words, White Hat is oriented around the audience, while Black Hat focuses on search engines only.

Signs of White Hat SEO

General elements of White Hat include well-researched and optimized content, which is always of the best quality. The Meta tags used are always relevant, the analysis is thorough, and data carefully picked. What are the expected results? When you reach all the requirements of search engines, by offering an excellent experience to users, the results are always the best. White Hat is capable of producing excellent long-term ranks on Google for sure. This is what a white SEO service give.

Signs of Black Hat SEO

General elements that characterize Black Hat SEO include content stuffed with keywords, various backlinks, spams on blog comments, and text that is invisible. What are the results generated by this? Even if this method will pay with immediate results, the long-term ones are very grim. The site will be punished by search engines for not following the requested criteria. These punishments can be very low rankings, getting de-indexed, or even banned from the Internet for good.

Bottom line

Now that you know all this, be very careful what method you use for digital marketing & SEO service. You have the signs that will indicate whether a method is White Hat or Black Hat, which will be very careful when choosing the right strategy. Just have in mind that the best results generated by adequate SEO are not appearing overnight, as it requires lots of work and dedication to make them happen. But once you achieve them, they are ready to stay and will require only periodic maintenance. So never let yourself fooled by the easiness and apparent effectiveness of Black Hat SEO because you are risking the entire existence of the site you worked so much on.

by Joseph Symons
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