Rank Top By Being Friend With Search EnginesRank Top By Being Friend With Search Engines

Be a friend with Search Engines.

Search Engines as the name suggest an engine which gives you the appropriate result you searched for. And in terms of internet marketing, the godfather of all the search engines available on the internet is Google. With a tremendous amount of bots, crawler, and Inspectors. Google uses a unique targeted search algorithm known as SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

Now in this post, you will get to know that how search engines use SEO to give the desired output when you enters anything in the search bar. And how will you get your website rank top whenever any visitors search your services/product in Google. And this is not for google, almost all search engines follow the same criteria. So let’s start. Genuine Content, google search top, Keyword Factor, Rank at first page, Search Engine.

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are known to be a powerful tool which plays an important role in searching for anything online. Search Engines have the power to popularize as well as defame a website among internet users. Basically, search engines are the search concept used by internet visitors to search anything online.

Even in search engines, there are various bots, crawlers, and spiders available to crawl and check their search results to keep their output fresh and updated. To avoid copy content and give unique results to their user’s search engine performs various activities and criteria over internets. And to get your website at the top rank of search engines, you must understand that how search engines work. So here we go.

How Search Engines works?

As soon as a visitors enter the keywords in the search bar of search engines.They start crawling the best result available regarding that keyword. And to get the fresh and genuine content regarding that particular keyword they crawl each and every website and links available in their directory and checkbox the list given below.

  • Latest content regarding that particular keyword.
  • Genuine content (not copy paste) available for that keyword.
  • Bounce rate of a website or link having content regarding that particular keyword.
  • Website popular among internet users as per the entered keywords.

So these are the basic schema search engines follows while searching for results as soon as the keyword entered.

Uses of Bots and Crawlers in Search Engines

Bots and Crawlers are the handful tools used by search engines to crawl websites and links submitted to them. Basically, the bots and crawlers are used by search engines to crawl and filter websites with given quality.

  • Genuine Content
  • Fast loading speed
  • Low Bounce rate
  • Maximum visitor engagement

The websites which process the qualities mentioned above will be shown at the top of the search results. And the rest will be shown at 2nd, 3rd page and so on.

Another thing bots and crawlers do for search engines is to find and filter those websites which use proper copy content. Mean to say, websites which are lazy enough that they don’t have their genuine content and prefer copy paste rather than own genuine content development.

These types of the website once found, completely blocked from search engines and get defamed. It’s not that easy to recover that website again. So we advise you to create your own genuine content because copy phase is strictly prohibited in terms of search engines. And if you don’t have enough time to do that on your own then, HIRE PROFESSIONALS.

How to rank your Website at the top of Search Engines?

First of all, any SEO services expert would advise you to develop your own genuine and good content. Contents are king. Content is what which get

  • Crawled
  • Scanned
  • Improve Rank
  • Lower Bounce Rate
  • Increase Conversion

In terms of search engines. Another reason for that is the textual contents are the only readable part by a search engine spider. So the more textual content you will have on your website the better your website will rank in search engines. So that articles or other textual content describing your website must be written with care to ensure

  • Genuine
  • No Grammatical errors
  • Better Engagement

Also, you must update your website on a regular basis with creative contents that are unique and new to be friend with search engines spiders to gain visitors and rankings.

Now it’s about what material we are using at our construction site. let’s move on towards the strategy we must pursue to get the most of our space and attract more and more visitors to our site.

SEO for Search Engines

It is suggested that HTML language is the language easily readable by the search engines spiders to recognize the presence of a website. There are various meta tags and descriptions available in the HTML code or reveals information about the services/products provided by the particular website to the search engines. Remember we are talking about search engines. And search engines only crawl your whole content to find copy content cases.

What is the website about is the info given to a search engine via meta tags and descriptions? Which is easily understandable in Html language. But it’s not that easy to code a complete website in HTML. And also HTML is a static website with a limited area of service. So you must find an alternate for web services who provide complete web development (as per your demand) with genuine content and following the search engine optimization criteria.

Keyword Factors in Search Engines

After the development of a website with fresh content along with proper meta tags and description the next thing come along is the keywords. Yes, Keywords are the target sectors used by search engines to get a summary of the website. It works like

The visitor enters the keywords  -> Search Engines search content regarding that keyword  -> Websites with that keyword and content relevant to that keyword shown at the results.

So higher the amount of keyword with relevant to the content you use on your website. The better your web portal will be targeted and shown in the search results by the search engines.

And to find keyword relevant to your product/services along with higher search rates, you must do deep research by yourself. And if you can’t do that, then you can rely on us.

Backlink, Mutual Friends between Search Engines and Websites.

As the heading suggest, backlinks are the mutual friends between search engines and websites. It’s highly directly proportional to each other. The more amount of link of your website is available on other websites, the higher your website chances to appear at the top in search results. Basically, backlinks are the links dropped by you on other websites with a massive amount of traffic. So as the search engines crawl this website, a link to your website will be crawled too and your website takes another step to be friend with search engines.

So basically this article is all about that how to befriend with search engines and get top ranking in search results. I hope you got to know how the criteria work. Still, you have any doubts or want any kind of internet marketing services from our end. then you can visit www.websaviors.in or can leave a comment here.

by Subodh Verma
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HIRE PROFESSIONALS in order to obtain customers,any SEO services expert would advise you to develop your own genuine and good content.Contents are king.Content is what which get,then you can rely on us.
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