How To Analysis The Quality BacklinksHow To Analysis The Quality Backlinks

Backlinks have been a matter of discussion among both the newbie and the pro bloggers and internet marketers, as they are having a prominent influence on the Search Engine Optimization and ranking of your blog or website, which helps you to increase the pace of your online marketing or blogging career. In a simple manner, backlinks are any kinds of hyperlinks that lead you to your blog/website.

It is important to understand your link profile, as this will give a clear idea of whether or not you’re on the right track.

Analyze the Quality of Website

There are many websites out there, so no matter in what niche you are, you can find the website that you are willing to link to you. Hence why, you can be picky and only choose the ones that are good and will have positive impact on your SEO.

Below, you’ll find the most important metrics to analysis the back linking quality:

  1. Check if the website is indexed by the Google- If you are building the backlinks for SEO, then it is important that all your links come from the website that is not penalized. One way to check if the website was severally penalized is to check if it’s indexed in Google.
  1. The quick way to check this is to use the following search query in Google: . Ex. site:
  1. Check if website is ranking for its own name- In some cases, you can find if the Google algorithm has penalized website or if it has low authority, by searching the name of the domain in Google. If the site is not ranking in the first position by its own name, there’s a risk that website is not very reliable in the Google’s eyes. If the site is nowhere on the first page, without a doubt, a link from that website will not have any good impact on your SEO.
  1. Is the website is related yours? – If you want to get the backlink from the website, the content of the website should be related to yours. Having backlink from relevant sites is always required for doing ethical or comprehensive SEO.
  1. Check how often the site publishes the new content: If the website, you are testing has passed the above two steps, you are on the right path and you might have found a good site to get a link. You can check the blogs of the website; you are checking and see how frequently they are publishing the new content.
  1. Analyze how the readers engage with their posts: If you are going to build a link by the guest blogging, you should also be interested how active the audience of the website you are checking.
  1. Check the SEO metrics:  Most of the time, you can start analyze the quality of website, by checking the SEO metrics: there are some important metrics to check:
  • Domain authority – A website with the Domain authority above 20 is good and can help you with the SEO
  • Spam Score- The metrics provided by the moz can tell you how likely it is that the site is analyzed to be flagged as SPAM. The spam score above 5 can tell that website is bad.
  • Backlink status: look at how the site you are checking is linking to the third party websites.
  • Trust and citation flow- sites with the score below 10 are usually not worthy.

If after analyzing all the above points, if the website has passed your check, it means that you’ve found a good website. Now you can try to get backlinks from this site which will help to push your website up in search engine result page. Then your website can achieve a better position in the online business.


Backlinks from the highly trusted and popular website significantly increases your website authority; they are a great source of exposure and also help in driving the referral traffic.

For the basic analysis, you should look at:

·        Total Number of links

·        Number of unique domains

·        Linking domains vs. total links

·        Anchor text usage and variance- branded, keyword rich etc.

·        Fresh/incoming links

·        Page performance

·        Link quality

by Jenny Pitula
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